This game is TERRIFYING!! Use your camera to uncover the secrets of this house, but be careful not to dive too deep…
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20 thoughts on “YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID… | Madison

  1. Ya know what I just realized? The “i” is lowercased, and everything else is uppercased, which spells out “ Mad son”.
    Mind explosion 💥

  2. I haven’t even started watching the video and I’m already terrified… I read the title as “you should be afraid, Madison”, and I’m freaked out cause that’s my name 😅

  3. Wow finally a game named after me well the aspects are kind of true I am quite murderous I talk about murder a lot and I scare all my friend you're my favourite YouTuber Markiplier please continue making great videos

  4. “That was so good it was terrifying I crapped my pants man that was good”

    the fact that u crapped ur pants or the fact that the game was good?

  5. 'Say10 Shipping' clever… 😏 This was really good, it has a lot of potential!! Excited to see Mark play the full release when it comes out!

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