Why Does Kotaku NOT LIKE Gaming Youtubers? – YongYea Rant

Gaming websites sometimes say things that really confuse me but seeing Kotaku rip into youtubers so often is a clear sign that they don’t like us. Why is that? Let’s dig into the topic and try to find some answers!

Link to YongYea’s talk with Jason Schreier :

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This week Kotaku’s main writer Jason Schreier decided to opening lash out against mega youtuber and gaming news guy YongYea. A strange move obviously but shows the deep distaste that Kotaku dot com has had for gaming youtubers for a long time now. They see has bad for the industry I think when all we want to do is talk games and maybe do some reviews. There reporting on stuff like game engines and new releases like Fallout 76 is good but Kotaku just seems to rip into anyone and anything they canf or clicks occasionally. #Kotaku #YongYea #GamingRant

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32 thoughts on “Why Does Kotaku NOT LIKE Gaming Youtubers? – YongYea Rant

  1. Tried my best to be very fair and unbiased in this video, despite the fact that I hate that Kotaku just writes the worst stuff sometimes about youtubers. Thanks for watching and liking this video!

  2. because many youtubers lean towards being honest. and many sites like kotaku take bribes for good reviews.

    to be clear: i’m not saying all youtubers are honest and review writers are liars. just one group has more honest people than the other.

  3. Kotaku was awesome back in 2006 era. As soon as social media came about, people became more interested in youtubers for news and interaction. Kotaku writers can't compete and lash out. Yes, they are jealous they are losing. That is something these writers can't master. Charisma. They don't know how to interact in a live space, tv space or radio. Every listen to one of Kotaku's podcasts? Or their shows on Youtube? BORING VOICES AND FAKE COMEDY. BASIC BITCHES.

  4. Kotaku was awesome back in 2006 era. As soon as social media came about, people became more interested in youtubers for news and interaction. Kotaku writers can't compete and lash out. Yes, they are jealous they are losing. That is something these writers can't master. Charisma. They don't know how to interact in a live space, tv space or radio. Every listen to one of Kotaku's podcasts? Or their shows on Youtube? BORING VOICES AND FAKE COMEDY. BASIC BITCHES.

  5. Yong Yea is about the least provocative prominent gaming youtuber I can think of. Fuck that guy…..and his Kotaku buddies who think they are SOOOO important.

  6. Youtubers are generally a whole lot more honest about how they think and feel about video games. I may not agree with all of their opinions, but i trust them a whole lot more.

    Jason Sherier on the other hand is just like a child who throws a tantrum whenever he hears disagreement.

  7. He is above it all and his shit smells like roses. Why else?

    I appreciate most youtubers, Kotaku has stained their brand to a point I don't even watch em, read em or take them as anything but shills.

  8. jason’s mom paid for 4 years of journalism school where he mastered the art of dodging questions and loaded straw man arguments, meanwhile english is yongs 3rd fucking language and he’s killin it lol

  9. Maybe they feel threatened because as gaming YouTubers such as yourself and Yong Yea are taking traffic away from their website?

  10. As much as you guys dislike Kotaku, you can't live without them. It's a parasitic relationship. Journalists produce articles and you read them and report what is said.

  11. I don't like them either. Getting sick of these, "fighting for the workers rights!!" videos lately. But do you see these same Youtubers NOT buying games from these horrific, nightmarish slave labor publishers? Do you see them skipping events like E3? No. They just make videos to show the world how much they care, when in actuality they just want that monaaaaay. Actually ubsubbed YongYea today because that's all his content is anymore.

  12. Easy, because if we watch and listen to guys like you, yongeya, angryjoe and gundam then we're not looking at them.
    Same with how news media is eager to label gaming as a satanic industry because if we're gaming, we're not watching them

  13. never had problems with otaku, until they start doing SJW agenda, complaining on every unnecessary stuff, and self entitled response.

  14. Search Kotaku on youtube. Most Kotaku videos have views ranging from a few thousand to just over 10k, most in between. Many videos criticizing Kotaku have 100 k views or more. Can see why they don't like youtube.

  15. They see themselves as feudal lords that are automatically entitled to a portion of game journalism, without competition. When gaming youtubers became popular, that's competition that they believe encroaches on their territory (and yes, they think in those terms). Instead of competing by making a better product, they attack, slander, falsely accuse, harass, threaten, sabotage through corporate/political connections, and collude to deplatform anyone they see as a threat. This is mostly through corporate AAA company level connections (defending bad business practices like pay2win, lootboxes, DRM malware/spying, day 1 DLC, exclusivity deals, forced single player online/"games as a service", forced real-life identity, intrusion into internet activity outside the game, vague rules, arbitrary bans, etc.) That list should piss off any gamer just by reading it, but they defend all that! The attacks don't just happen in gaming, but also industries like comic books and anime. Even banks have started interfering with independent content creation, and that's not a coincidence. The best thing to do is pay attention to corrupt practices, and don't support companies that do that in any way. It'll still get worse before it gets better, but it will get better eventually.

  16. Haven't watched the video yet but I assume it's a mix of jealousy regarding their popularity (while he's reporting via sadly dying craft) and the fact that youtubers don't need to adhere to sponsors. They can be openly (and correctly) critical of bad business practices throughout the industry, not worrying they'll end up upsetting the hand that feeds.

    While Jason has done some excellent reports about poor working conditions within the development industry, he ignored the fact that every practice is essentially universal between all developers and publishers to some extent. His unwillingness to simply acknowledge microtransactions as a cancer in the industry and accepting it as a neccessity feels like him not wanting to insult his potential or current sponsors.

    Plus he's a hypocrite.

    I actually prefer written word, but gaming journalists don't have the balls to simply state things how it is and remain unbiased while doing so. Some YouTube personalities (certainly not all), do.

  17. The reason is not hard to tell…its money, kotaku see youtubers (indépendant youtubers xD) as rival, rivals Who suck "their" money…
    That and the fact That (again indépendant only youtubers) are not "controlable"

  18. Why do they do this? It's because your winning. Not just you in particular, all youtubers are winning. Traditional journalism as a whole is losing ground to online independents. Jason Schrier HATES this… he's journalist in the classic sense; he went to school, slogged his way up thru the ranks, had to go through tremendous bullshit to establish himself and get the resources to be successful… only to watch as the old ways are losing ground. Will old school journalism die? No. However, the simple fact that people go to Yongyea and other channels to get their news and opinion pieces drives people like Jason Schrier to absolute rage, and they are going to fight back with every fibre of their being.

    Enjoy this, it means you're making a difference.

  19. I also hate them all he does is read a fucking article he really almost has no content of his own but yea this is what happened for 10:20 and loot box bad kojima god

  20. I got into this reviewer scene just a couple of years ago, and I must say that I learn a lot more from self-made and honest youtubers than most professional reviewers. I may not always agree with all youtube-reviewers but that is not the point. Can always gain something by listening to people who speak from their heart and not their head.

  21. You ask why the war? She is apart of the war on my husband and she is keeping him from his daughter something she has done their whole lives. My husband is facing death by design and he wants to re unity with the people genuinely love him the most. As well as the ones that don't know of him.

  22. Kotaku only rarely poses as a gaming site these days. They are overtly Leftist and political and have discarded any pretense of real journalism. Hell, they can't tell the difference between truth and opinion but then most gaming journos can't

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