WEEPING ANGELS IN VR!! | Doctor Who The Edge of Time #3

Hello everyone and welcome to Doctor Who The Edge of Time, I am a pretty big fan of Doctor Who and was amazed when I got a copy of the new VR game early, so I thought why not showcase it for you guys. I hope you all enjoy the different type of video!!

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25 thoughts on “WEEPING ANGELS IN VR!! | Doctor Who The Edge of Time #3

  1. Him: I recommend you turn your volume down for this part if you’re underage.
    Me: ok I accept that, I’m underage
    My brain: TURN IT UP TO MAX VOLUME!!!!

  2. I started that level and got scared so much that I needed to know what will come. So I am happy I found this video XD

  3. Terrifying!
    Where I’m from we have a VR place where you can rent per hour. They downloaded the Doctor Who game and I am the only one as of right now who is playing it. So it was nice to see your videos because they help me through puzzles that I don’t think I could figure out on my own. And it’s good to know what terrifying creatures are going to appear whenever I play because I am sure I will probably wet my pants if I saw the weeping angels in front of me without being warned lol

  4. Who else doesn’t blink even though they’re not real and even if I don’t have the game and watch a video I still don’t blink?

  5. Imagine weeping angel have jumpscare – cutsceene- wehre its juts right infront of you. lights are blinking like crazy and hes doing some – imagine and type what u want angel to do – lol

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