Uncovering the Mystery of the Magic 8 Ball

Does she like me? Will I pass this test? If you’ve ever gazed into inky depths of an oversized plastic billiard ball with a pressing question, then you know the power of the Magic 8 Ball. But where did this fortune-telling favorite of the toy chest come from? And does it really work? Concentrate and ask again.


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47 thoughts on “Uncovering the Mystery of the Magic 8 Ball


    #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★ ½

  2. Person: Does she have a crush on me?
    Me: No
    Person: Will I pass the test?
    Me: No
    Person: Will the Mets win the World Series?!?!?!
    Me: …
    Person: Just tell me
    Me: No
    Person: My life is a lie… 🙁

  3. Magic 8 ball, will I ever become a millionaire ?
    Magic 8 ball : ask me later
    2h later
    Me : ( asks same question )
    Magic 8 ball : ask me later
    354h later
    Me : ( asks same question )
    Magic 8 ball : Answer not clear

  4. Look up the meaning behind the number 8 then look up what a black crystal ball is. Being a scorpio I had to look into this 😀

  5. Does she have a crush on me?

    Me: No

    Will I pass the test??

    Me: No you're dumb

    Will the meths win the world's series???

    Me: No I'm going to win

    Do you wanna here your fortune????

    Me: Ummmmmm No?

  6. Why, it's as if every superstitious feeling you ever had is wrapped up in that one machine. It doesn't matter whether it can foretell the future. What matters is whether you believe more in luck and in fortune than you do in yourself. Well, you can decide your own life.

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