Ultimate Guide to Buried – Walkthrough, All Buildables, Perks (Black Ops 2 Zombies)

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47 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Buried – Walkthrough, All Buildables, Perks (Black Ops 2 Zombies)

  1. the fact he ran around this whole map with a runner and didn’t just make him a crawler w a nade is retarded

  2. No wonder this map is so easy I mean my favorite reason is that every buildable is in one room Edit- ive been playing bo2 since launch and had my 360 since 07 to 2017 but the one DLC ive never played is buried and I have a PS3 now but just in case your wondering

  3. i just broke my whole xbox 360 because its fully dead and i was so desperate for my black ops II and i have to learn everything again i haven’t played in 2.5 years 😂😭

  4. If you break the the fountain in near the church and the one in the maze you can use it as tunes to escape

  5. Getting black ops 2 and the season pass for my ps3 tomorrow, played all the maps years ago but my disc is broken and DLCs are on my other account so pretty excited to play this and motd with my friend who I’m game sharing with

  6. why the fuck did tyou put an ad about fucking honey in the middle of you rvideo aint nobody got time for that shit

  7. You didn’t mention how Leroy could build things for you he could lock the box in place or he could go and bring the box back for you if it moved

  8. Leroy will build those buildables for you if his back is facing them and given candy.
    If you have his back to the box and give him candy he will punch it and you won’t roll a teddy and the box will stay there all game.

  9. Giving Leeroy candy will also pick up crawlers and make them harmless, to make the round infinite until you want it over (knife him). It's cute

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