THX Game Grumps-Arin, Jon, and Dan do the THX Deep Note

Scrooby Scribey:
Isn’t that the best thing you’ve ever seen? The Lovelies Are Listening…
GrumpsFilm Ltd. Presents AHX/JJX/DAX. The ultimate grumpy sound system. Or you could call it GHX. Get this new sound system for your home system with a cost of 1 full Sonic 06 playthrough. That’s right, just 1. Enjoy yourself some GHX.

Sound clips from: Mister Mosquito Part 3:
Pokemon FireRed Part 37:
Monopoly Plus Part 2:

The Grumps are Performing:

Check out my Grumps compilation playlist:

Also THX actually saw this and put it on their channel, I’m happy.


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34 thoughts on “THX Game Grumps-Arin, Jon, and Dan do the THX Deep Note

  1. If there ever was a Game Grumps cinematic universe, a "Grumpverse" if you will, then this needs to be the intro to all of them.

  2. The one thing i want fron game grumps that they haven't already given is even just one video with Jon Danny and Arin

  3. Many years ago, in 2012, I was the one to originally see the idea of THX Grumps come to fruition since that one, magical moment from their Mister mosquito playthrough…and I am so thrilled that as an amateur audio engineer, people still enjoy the simplicity and humour of such a video idea.

    Thank you, op. Thank you. ❤

  4. It’s fucking PROPHETIC how well this works together

    I’ve seen this mashup before but it still gets me how well it works


    No joke though, this is possibly the best compilation in the history of Game Grumps.

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