The Last of Us Part 2 – The Heroic Story of Tommy // All Character Scenes

He wasn’t sure about going to hunt….then Tommy lost everything and never got his vengeance..

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46 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part 2 – The Heroic Story of Tommy // All Character Scenes

  1. if they want to somewhat save the story of the franchise they gotta go and make a dlc in which you play as tommy and finish off abby asap.

  2. If you get shot in the head, you can't just walk it off. You need immediate brain surgery. The only hospital in Seattle was WLF. There's no way Tommy could have survived.

  3. I honestly wonder what the voice actors think when they voice this…
    Do they think its just a job?
    Or are they as disgusted as we are?

  4. 1:02:30 Ellie should've said "We already made Abby pay. We killed everyone she loved, and the WLF are extinguished. She hasn't much left."

  5. As much as part 2 has so much hate towards men, Tommy was the real MVP through the whole series. Fended off the infected while you run off making you think he's dead, saved you from the soldier that killed Sarah, was close with Marline and had so much trust that he got Joel involved to meet Ellie in the first place. Has a whole group run by him and his wife and somehow did not die from Abby or Abby's group. That's a fucking powerful little brother.
    Tommy had to be based off of someone from the team, have the retirement, Tommy. You earned it.

  6. Tommy was the only reasonable character in this game, Abby killed his brother and people want him to just let it go. No reasonable person would be able to let that go.

  7. They did Tommy dirty too with how they made him look against Abby. There's just no way she would get the jump on him like that.

  8. Tommy is the most lovable little brother Joel has ever had Tommy is the strongest beast there is he took a bullet to the eye he killed manny I'm sure Joel is proud of his little brother for looking out for him| Tommy Miller best little brother to Joel

  9. They should make a DLC for tommy, he’s a man who’s got nothing to lose. He lost his eye, wife, and brother. Only way to redeem this game is if Tommy recovers and finds to kill Abby.

  10. "What a joke" kinda summarizes everything . Every action should have reasons and consequence because there are rules. People are dissapointed because so much action leads to nothing. Maybe when universe wasnt before there were no nature laws and out of nowhere everething can happen, i might agree. But in tlou you had to finish whats started

  11. I love the last of us I'm so mad about what they did to the second one u didnt get more down to earth then Joel being a dad trumps everything.

  12. i loved hearing about Tommy while playing the game, he was like a secret assassin taking out WLF and probably scars for fun. One guy rolls up to Seattle and gives hell to the WLF, i am so annoyed they crippled him in the end though, like why?

  13. For me Tommy had one of the saddest endings in this game. It broke my heart to see him lose his mind and be blinded by revenge. He was such an amazing, cool-minded character and ended up being a cripple who lost his wife and friends.

  14. i would love to play as tommy as a main playable character in tlou2, the ending would be so much better considering how he took down almost the entire group on his own

  15. Should have played the tommy's perspective instead of abby's irrelevant seraphite and finding owen track… I am sure i would have enjoyed playing as tommy as much as i did playing as ellie

  16. Tommy is the best character in the game. I can only hope that we get a DLC where you play as him and go out and kill Abby. He'll recover from his leg wound, find out that Ellie didn't finish the job and go out himself and finish it.

  17. The Last of Us Part 3 should focus on Tommy he is such a certified badass demolishing anything that comes in his way by himself

  18. I just thought of something maybe if we had Tommy as the main character of this game and Ellie as the side character that helps him get revenge of Abby 😆 he is important to the story to after all

  19. I'd be pissed too. Ellie is all about getting revenge in the beginning, then she gets a nice family going, leaves Tommy up shit's Creek with a battered body, no wife, no future, and without his revenge.

    Then they paint him as the asshole at the end. Jesus fuckin Christ this game….

  20. I get they wanted Ellie to do the whole revenge is bad but the Santa barba chapter should be Tommy (his knee would have to be ok so let’s just say lev got him in the thig) and then Tommy kills Abby the theme of losing everything is still there he lost his wife big bro all he got left is Ellie

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