The Last of Us Part 2 – Story + Ending EXPLAINED // WHAT NOW?

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The Last of Us Part 2 – Story + Ending EXPLAINED // What Happens Now?

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41 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part 2 – Story + Ending EXPLAINED // WHAT NOW?

  1. So what do YOU think folks? Is this the sort of story you were expecting? For those asking – Tommy gets a divorce from his wife and is alive and super pissed he can't go kill Abby.

  2. I kind of can't agree with u at the ending. "She didn't care before, so why would she let go NOW?" I think it's the thing about: Saying to do something and ACTUALLY DO something are different kind of shoes. It's kind of like: You want to jump into water from a big cliff but right before the jump you stop, cos you are afraid. While Ellie killed all the friends of abby she broke apart more and more, with every person. She was shocked by the first time. And even more at Mel. And with all that power she had, by nearly drowning Abby, I think she might felt too much wrong. Same as she did with Mel maybe…
    In my opinion it was a great story. Covered with emotions and amazing graphics. I cried so much. Every time Joel appeared… Like Ellies Birthday, just sayin'…

  3. I feel like sooo much of this game would have been better if they played it in a different order and certain things were a mystery until the confrontation

  4. I enjoyed the game. I felt every emotion Naughty Dog expected me to feel. Excellent game. And I'm still team Joel. He made the right decision at the hospital

  5. Okay I have watched all these reviews and never have I seen this point: it is very sad to see tommy go from a young brave hero with a loving wife to a crippled man with a permanent scar and no wife, to see this fate for tommy he might as well of just died

  6. Not only was this done very bad but they don't give you the choice to kill Abby F that game it's a BS ending and weak ass bs pay off Abby knew she had it coming for what she did.

  7. Abby wanted revenge for what Joel did to his father. Ellie wanted revenge for what Abby did to Joel. At the end, Ellie realised it was not worth killing Abby. Abby could have killed all of them down that basement, but she didn't. She was there for Joel and Joel alone. When she killed Joel, I hated her guts and I wanted Ellie to kill her as soon as possible and be done with it. However, as I got deeper and deeper into the game and into the story, I started to really like Abby. When they were fighting to the death, not knowing who's going to kill who, that shit was intense. No game ever made me feel that way before. Naughty dog has done a fantastic job with this game and I take my hat's off to them.

    I know some probably don't like the story but they can't say the same thing about the gameplay, the beautiful scenery, and the game itself. This is a true masterpiece. Naughty dog has again set the bar high with single player games.

    I completed the game with over 40 hours of pure gameplay. I hope in the future they make another one. But this time it takes place during the outbreak with different characters, and maybe Joel making an appearance. They should make two parts of this game too. The first one should be called 'OUTBREAK' and the second one, *'OUTBREAK GROUNDZERO'*.

  8. They really could have pulled off a somewhat (still nonsense and confused) cohesive plot if Ellie killed Abby, there would have been a good setup for Lev, a trade off for Ellie doubling down on vengeance (losing her fingers + dina/JJ). But they didn't for some insane reason they decided to do this flashback shit and it ruined the game lol.

  9. The ending is an echo of the first game and has nothing to do with player agency and isnt trying in the slightest to comment on Ellie "not wanting to be like Abby" as some people think.

    You left out the last scene of Joel and Ellie which literally ties everything together. She was ready to forgive Joel and start anew, just hours before he was killed. That's why she has a flashback of him when she's killing Abby. She forgave both of them at the same moment.

    Ellie, although coming to murder Abby, is effectively the reason why her and Lev both get to live and be free.

    Just like the ending of the first game. Instead of letting someone die, they're saved instead.

  10. The more I think about it, the more dumb I think the story is, I liked the game, but it could have been so much better with a way more emotional impactful story. I'm not even a writer, but I have in my own head, a better but similar story arc.

  11. I don't like the part where you get to play abby. I know the game devs are probably just trying to show both sides of the story. Trying to justify or show why things happen or why people in the game do what they do. But fudge, Ellie ending up alone, not a good thing.

  12. The thing i just realized at the end if it weren't for ellie going after abby the rattlers would've killed abby and lev instead she finds them unties abby almost kills before sparing her life.
    So technically she went for revenge but ended up saving their life!

  13. Best and most realistic ending ever, people forget that Ellie is just a kid, not a killing machine, and that Abby is also a good person, only fucked up shit made them the way they are, I was so glad Ellie snapped out of it, she is a good kid and she doesn't deserve the burden of revenge…maybe teenagers and kids who didn't live in harsh conditions won't get it, but life is fucked up sometimes, there is no evil vs good.

  14. best I can see is that ellie does what she was mean't to do give the cure and part 3 would be the end of it but maybe their another way and it ends up been a hybrid blood sample mix

  15. At the end I was truly and deeply sad. I wish Ellie had her own Lev in those moments to get her to stop walking down a path. Having loved the first game to death, I kept asking the game, “What did you do to my baby girl?” But in the end, Ellie got her comeuppance. It sucks. I wished better for her but, that’s what she got and it seems fitting.

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