The Game Dude Is A Pathetic Poser / Alexander4488 Rant

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This is me ranting about a person I don’t like on YouTube and I explain my points, without rambling. I messed up several times, so that is why there are a couple jumpcuts. Anyways, I try to dig in deep about certain things and my friend, Mr. Evil, has officially made his third cameo in my video. So I hope you enjoy, try not to get offended, and keep an open mind. Like always, thanks for taking time out of your day to watch this video!


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26 thoughts on “The Game Dude Is A Pathetic Poser / Alexander4488 Rant

  1. I made a Atrocious YouTubers Wiki page about him because the original one on Terrible TV Shows Wiki got deleted so I putted it on Atrocious YouTube Wiki because of that

  2. Well I had never heard of him so I looked him up to see what all your hate was really about, in a way though I do find you might be biased because he gave a bad comment on one of your videos or whatever, which makes sense as to why you'd hate him, but still going as far as making a video, nah not worth it. So anyway I looked him up and found out I'd probably heard his voice before many times on random commentaries of videogames , I also found out he has another account so no he hasn't deleted his account like someone said before, he has an account called gamedude8899 which he probably abandoned years ago because it seems the last activity on it was 5 years ago, so yeah pretty old stuff… I also assume that his leaving this account was probably due to bullying like this or just people hating on his videos, I don't mind honestly I might not be a hardcore gamer but whatever I don't have neither positive not negative opinions towards him he's just another guy that used to post commentaries on videogames many years back and I do remember hearing his voice in a lot of videos, I did not watch yself but maybe some friends did and that's why I remember it mostly or just random videos one could find on the web. I also gotta say I don't hate on you either but I find no purpose for this video upload? do you guys really just make videos to make someone else feel bad??? I mean I'm not defending him, he probably is a poser lke you said, or maybe he isn't who knows, still though a little pathetic on both fronts now :s

  3. Thank you so much for confirming what I thought of 'game dude'. I commented on a song that I found out I liked and this guy called me a name, that by LAW is an abusive term towards women. Just because he doesn't like it doesn't mean he has the right to put someone down or demean them. He sounds like a very angry person who was badly mistreated growing up. Unfortunately, he is cementing his attitude and anger issues due to how badly he must have been raised, that he may become a dangerous person to himself as well as others.

  4. I do have my own opinion, you obviously didn't read the disclaimer at the beginning of the video. This is a coward who pretends to be the legendary Angry Video Game Nerd and he fails at it. If you clearly look up the word "poser", it states "a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not", which is exactly the actions this Game Dude is doing. I'm simply making a point and expressing my opinion, not just rambling on non-sense or encouraging hate.

  5. Look you can have your opinion, but obviously you must hate him if you are calling him a " pathetic poser" ( also I'm not defending gamedude)

  6. This isn't me hating on him, it's clearly me having an opinion. The Game Dude is an unoriginal hack who is unfunny and untalented. I'm not stupid, but thanks for watching anyway!

  7. The one thing I do not appreciate about GameDube is the fact he DOES NOT elaborate on his facts and never explains why, plus he makes points that don't even matter to anything pertaining to the game.

  8. Thanks for agreeing, I sometimes feel like the only one that calls this idiot out. Feel free to subscribe, if you enjoyed this rant!

  9. Or maybe it's a great idea to do a message to "Alexander4488" (aka Game Dude) out of GoAnimate and maybe Alexander will be grounded for quadruple tranquility. He's a AVGN copycat.

  10. I guess maybe someone should make a GoAnimate video of the Game Dude gets grounded for ripping off the AVGN.

  11. making all these rants is exactly what the people DONT want to see so if you want more subscribers quit critizising other toutubers and do something more entertaining orher than fail

  12. So more subscribers means better? Get real! What makes a person good isn't determined by the amount of subscribers, it's determined by their content. Yeah, I'm not in denial about anything, the Game Dude is a cheap poser, so deal with it. Plus, if you actually had enough brain cells to check my channel, I have over 160 subscribers. How do you like them apples, moron?

  13. Every YouTuber? Not exactly. You're hilarious though, the Game Dude is NOT better than me. I try to make my vlogs/rants as entertaining as possible, so if you don't like what you see, then you can piss off and watch something else!

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