The Beard Shave Game

When the beard comes off, it comes off in style!

Shaving is a guys nemesis, but if the battle is to be taken up, we might as well have some fun. Unfortunately these are only a handful of characters. You cannot have them all in the one go… A few honorable mentions: Abraham Lincoln, Leonidas, Wolverine, Tony Stark, Tom Selleck, Bronson, Amish, Chinstrap, Soul Patch, Ducktail, and many others.

I plan on growing the beard again at some point, so comment on any suggestions for future shaving fun. Haha.

Thanks for watching.

(Please Note: All of the characters in the video are fictional, none of them are based on any real person or stereotype, just my ignorance in having fun with a few different looks. This does not reflect any serious views of cultures or races)


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8 thoughts on “The Beard Shave Game

  1. 2hours lol that mad looks the part good advert to test Remington shavers lol some good work uv got on this bro keep it coming u still do the DJ ing

  2. Oh no !!! why did you shave it bro ! haha
     We are a Beard oil company called The Caveman Beard. If you wanna grow it again we Would love you to be a model on our website. get in contact if your interested! Would love you to try our product aswell ! Keep that beard going bro !

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