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Meet The Assassin, a stealth based mage who destroys her targets with ease.

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This is one of the challenge builds I am making so it can only use the 6 starting skills of the build which are raised at the start of the game. In addition this character was created on Legendary difficulty, so this build can certainly stand up to anything Skyrim can throw at it, even with the restrictions in place.

Intro 0:00
Backstory: 0:38
Skills: 4:00
Standing Stones and Powers: 7:31
Equipment: 8:17
Factions: 9:59
Followers: 10:34
Play-Style: 10:55

Character Stats:
Level: 11
Magicka: 230 (200) Health: 100 Stamina: 100
Destruction 41, Restoration 15, Alteration 20, Enchanting 15, Smithing 15, Heavy Armor 15, Block 15, Two Handed 15, One Handed 15, Archery 15, Light Armor 23, Sneak 36, Lockpicking 15, Pickpocket 15, Speech 15, Alchemy 47, Illusion 28, Conjuration 15.

Novice Destruction, Apprentice Destruction, Destruction Dual Casting, Impact.
Stealth (1/5), Muffled Movement.
Alchemist (2/5), Physician, Benefactor.

Armor of the Old Gods. Destruction spells cost 15% less.
Armor: 27 Weight: 3 Value: 611

Helmet of the Old Gods. Increase your Magicka by 30 points.
Armor: 14 Weight: 1 Value: 345

Boots of the Old Gods. Sneaking is 20% better.
Armor: 8 Weight:1.5 Value: 1104

Gauntlets of the Old Gods. Bows do 20% more damage.
Armor: 8 Weight: 0.5 Value: 592

Nightweaver’s Band. Sneaking is 10% better. Destruction spells cost 10% less.
Armor: 0 Weight: 0.3 Value: 1131

Muiri’s Ring. Created potions are 15% more powerful.
Armor: 0 Weight: 0.3 Value: 434

Total Armor Rating: 57

Useful Potions:
Glowing Mushroom + Nightshade = Fortify Destruction

Ectoplasm + Nightshade + Red Mountain Flower = Damage Health + Fortify Destruction + Fortify Magicka + Restore Magicka

Salt Pile + Garlic = Regenerate Magicka

Red Mountain Flower + Tundra Cotton = Fortify Magicka

Frost Mirriam + Purple Mountain Flower = Fortify Sneak + Resist Frost

More Tapinella + Red Mountain Flower = Restore Magicka

Dragons Tongue + Fire Salts + Taproot = Fortify Illusion + Regenerate Magicka + Resist Fire + Restore Magicka


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29 thoughts on “The Assassin – Best Dark Elf Build – Skyrim Builds

  1. Forsworn armor is just plain ugly and too crude looking for me. Shrouded armor or any leather looks much better and you can always enchant them.

  2. Nice build there BADCompanySarge! I've created several race challenge character bases and this is the first one I'm starting with. It's challenging not being able to use speech and lockpicking! How did you manage to start Dark Brotherhood without lockpicking or 'cause I see you have 0 for locks picked.

  3. I just started this on legendary. It's kinda like real life, i can just about beat up a bandit if i bring a mate with me

  4. Like how he says she was raised to kill without being seen and yet there was a witness. Second, I like you went with an arcane assassin but I wish you didn't focus in the arcane arts as much as you obviously did.

  5. I come back to this series often and I’m always sad about how far you got in this character. I’d love to see what you would have resorted to when people got too high for fire bolt. Thinkin about giving in and buying spells myself 😭😭😓😓

  6. I like using destruction, alchemy, sneak, light armor, lockpicking, illusion, and pickpocket (just a little)

  7. When u going to do the same build from this maybe help me out with any other perk that would be helpful for higher dark elf mage

  8. A favorite place for my mages early in the game to get good stuff is South Brittleshin Pass. Sometimes the box in the room with the skeletons contains better items than the boss box. It's also a place that can easily be used for farming, when I want a certain item.

  9. I’m doing your challenge on Ordinator and it amazing fun lol

    Some potions I think would help is

    blue flowers+wheat for heal and fortify health

    Taproot+spawn ash+fire salt for fortify Magicka Regen, fortify Magicka, and Fire resistance

    Vampire dust+Nirnroot for invisibility

    And adding wheat to your fortify destruction damage potion to also give you fortify health for added tankiness.

  10. I have some questions. In case we join dark brotherhood, will you need a dagger to sneak kill? Like that Gourmet quest where, if we fail to one-shot the chef, all guards in Markarth will hunt our butt. I love destruction school but it just cannot one shot anyone that good, I hate when guards demand bounty really. I am playing high elf this build and I feel like sneak is hard af.. (I played Argonian illusion/sneak before) anyway to remedy this?? Will this technique work 'fireball + calm + firebal or vice versal and repeat until they die' And, I know Dunmer is all about fire but will lightning work? The shorter range and everything.

  11. My favourite thing about these builds is they're all connected in the backstory. It's really interesting and you are the only person I've seen who does it. Your videos are great man!

  12. I'm Curious. How did you get through Cidhna Mine to get the Armour of the Old Gods without involving Speech and Pickpocket skills?

  13. I really like these builds you've made. A lot of them are very unique and very fun to play. One word of advice though. I've noticed this in some skyrim builds but haven't said anything till now. I think a better understanding of the lore would make your builds even better. In this backstory, she wakes up to an argonian. Instead of talking to him, she should have hated him, because of the ArgonIan invasion and the general hatred between the two races. Love your builds, hope they get even better in the future!

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