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SpongeBob Squarepants Patrick! The Game Review! I hope you enjoy this special video while on THE ROAD TO REVIEW 75. I have been super harsh on Spongebob Season 9. So I decided for this Amino-sponsored video to make this SpongeBob Patrick! The Game Review! I think you will like it a lot, as it is my first positive review of season 9. Before this, I had made five negative reviews of SpongeBob Season 9. I’ve been called out for being harsh on this before and at first, did not believe it, but a case can be made and thus this spongebob patrick the game reivew was born! The episode was great. It had board game references, a solid foundation and acutally used Squidward correctly. When watching this SpongeBob Squarepants Patrick The Game Review, mind you that my opinion is my own and I hand-picked what review I wanted to make to show that I don’t neccesarily hate season 9 of SpongeBob. Is Patrick! The Game good? One way to find out. CHECK IT OUT!

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If you read my description, let me know if you like this Spongebob squarepants season 9 patrick the game review and want more videos like this spongebob squarepants season 9 patrick! the game review. 😀

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The Alpha Jay Show reviews animation episodes, animated TV movies, cartoons, and other things as a main series. I have reviewed many things from Fairly Oddparents to SpongeBob to Teen Titans Go to The Amazing World Of Gumball and many more. Expect a fair, open-minded and non-pandering review of whatever episode I use. Bear in mind while I do use copyrighted material, it is highly likely that my content falls under the legal defense of fair use.

A square yellow sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary, in the city of Bikini Bottom on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. He works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab. During his time off, SpongeBob has a knack for attracting trouble with his starfish best friend, Patrick. Arrogant octopus Squidward Tentacles, SpongeBob’s neighbor, dislikes SpongeBob because of his childlike behavior.

It was a response to my previous negative review on a SpongeBob Season 9 episode: The Fishbowl. (context: spongebob season 9 patrick the game review, spongebob season 9 patrick! the game review)



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43 thoughts on “THANK YOU, PATRICK! THANK YOU! | Patrick! The Game | SpongeBob | The Alpha Jay Show

  1. Does anybody know that I really hate Memes, I only hate Memes because they make fun of my favorite things and I’m sure there’s other people who have been put on a meme when they didn’t want to or they have something of their favorite as a meme and they don’t want it as a meme but it’s still a meme anyways

  2. Squidward:Lands in jail.
    Patrick:hey you cant roll when your in jail.
    Squidward: Proceeds to roll.
    Patrick: hEy YoU cAnt Roll In jAil!
    Squidward; BIG BRAIN TIME

  3. I know this review is old but I still wanna say something

    Squidwards character in some of the new episodes is probably a very hard one to do (other then patrick) since most people think he hates and despises both spongebob and Patrick.

    But in all honesty , how I see his character is a guy who doesn't have any friends but 2 (I won't lie kind of annoying) neighbors who consider him a friend so he finds them annoying but actually likes being around them because he knows they like him no matter how snarky ,sarcastic and rude he can be which I feel he likes that because a key note in post movie is he doesn't have any friends so that's why I like this episode it really shows his character without him being scared or afraid of the others he's just annoyed

    (Sorry this is long but I don't know I mean squidward isnt my favorite character but I do like seeing the character like this )

  4. what wierd is squidward said to patrick to explane the rules as they go but then he gets made at patrick for doing the thing he said

  5. Sandy also likes extreme sports she wanted to play so many of them with Spongebob before hibernating for winter.

  6. 2:42 You reminded me I used to have a classmate who used to tell me how much I annoyed him, and he wasn't the kind of person I liked to hang out with either so I just kept telling him to go away if he didn't like me, but he kept going with me everywhere I go, he would keep telling me that I annoyed him but he wouldn't go away from me

  7. This doesn't really have 2 do anything with the bid but I think season 8 of SpongeBob is underrated

  8. Nope I'm never going back to the spongebob amino

    Last time i was there spongebob tried to touch my Plankton pickle

  9. Am I the only one who hates this episode?! It feels nothing like pre-movie SpongeBob, Patrick was being a jerk for little reason other than him being the one to make the game, and for most of the episode, I was on Squidward's side, when we're more than likely not supposed to be on Squidward's side!

  10. The best part of this episode is the fact that spongebob squidward Patrick and sandy are all hanging out together. Also the fact squidward is sitting next to spongebob on the couch confirms the fact squidward doesn’t actually hate spongebob he just finds him annoying or to different from him. I’m a squidbob shipper so sue me but i stand by my opinion that squidward is tsundere but the characters are often written incorrectly to be just awful. I.e spongebob being annoying because he’s silly, childish n optimistic (has crush on squidward) to being written into a (creepy squidward stalker) who doesn’t think about others feelings because he’s stupid. It’s the flanderization that ruins these episodes tbh

  11. Am I the only one that thinks that Nick should make this game a real board game to purchase and play?

  12. 4:33 hold up, this is an important detail. that is a full set of role playing dice. like dice used in the game Dungeons and Dragons. when are we going to see them play underwater nautical D&D? would it be called something like Anchors and Anglers?

  13. 7:31 Personally, I think Squidward's actually enjoying the game, deep down. And I figured he went back to play the game after Sandy said "smart move" because it fed into his ego. And I do believe there is a small percentage of people like that, knocking something but continuing after having an ego stroke

  14. seasons 9b through 11 are honestly a treasure and i'm glad mr. hillenburg was around for it. he brought a lot of magic back to what was slowly turning into a hollow shell, and in his absence there's still a LOT of artists and writers who are taking up the mantle. i'm glad he got to give us these gifts before he passed. 💛🍍

  15. the squidward jail portion reminds me when i was playing D&D and i challenged a dwarf to a drinking contest as a dwarf and i get fucked up. My party doesn't help me and we get into combat as i was fucked up. The DM showed mercy and sobbered me up, but right after the first encounter, I had to leave to drive home.

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