Soaring Over Summer Arcade | Henry Hugglemonster online game for kids

Disney’s “Soaring Over Summer Arcade” will include retro arcade-style games with voxel versions of Jake, Sofia, Miles, Doc, and Henry.

A happy young Hugglemonster named Henry goes on adventures with his friends and family. When they run into problems,Henry finds a way to save the day.

The series revolves around the daily life of a yellow monster named Henry Hugglemonster and his slightly anarchic but loving family, living in the suburban[citation needed] town[citation needed] of Roarsville. Other places characters come from include Growlsberg[6] and Growltown.[7] Henry has a best friend named Denzel Dugglemonster and a monsterette[8] friend named Gertie Growlerstein he spends time with. Everyone[citation needed] in Roarsville is a friendly, fun-loving monster. Henry’s experiences with his family often lead to problems, so Henry must use his problem-solving skills to try to find a way to solve the problems and conflicts he is presented with in his daily life. Every episode features one or more original songs.

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Henry Hugglemonster, Henry Câlimonstre, Henry Mostriciattoli, ヘンリー・ハグルモンスター, Henio Tulistworek, Henry Hugglemonster, Kenny Knuffelmonster

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