Short Dunker – Alley-Oop in GAME! | Vlog 480

Best attempt YET!!

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37 thoughts on “Short Dunker – Alley-Oop in GAME! | Vlog 480

  1. Ey bro Im new your channel son. And I've seen some of your vids, keep up the good work bro! Im actually on a journey myself for dunking at 5'8.

  2. Not hating buh I feel like yo barely improving Isaiah improving so fast he must be putting in more work ig

  3. I’m 5’6 and a half dunking on 9 by 2020 I hope I grow cause I’m trying to dunk on 11 by the time I’m 16 In February

  4. I get lured to this channel with clickbait every time, you can’t dunk bro and your just trying to show off and people can tell.

  5. Hey man love ur vids and there really inspiring cause all of my friends are taller than me but when I watch ur vids it inspires me to keep going on my dunk journey, I'm a 5'8 14 year old and can grab a 9'9 rim and nearly easy touch a 10 foot

  6. So dope if u do a vid about rest and test ! Great attempts, great inspiration, keep grinding bro !

  7. I have a question, you have a 40 inch plus vertical but you kinda do the same type of dunks. 1 hand tomahawks off the bounce and 2 handers. Why don't you have a consistent windmill or BTL in your package yet? No hate I really enjoy your content.

  8. I can easily grab the rim with two hands but I just don’t know how to do my run up with the ball and can’t dunk

  9. I dunked off a lob today and I’m 5’10 in 8th grade it felt good thanks for the advice Steven 😤🙌🏾🤞🏾

  10. Good stuff bro! I used to do 360s in HS. 6 ft white lol I’m 25 now tryna get it back your mad inspiring keep it up

  11. Any advice on finishing dunks. Whenever I dunk I record it and I am always above the rim with the ball, but I have only ever dunked a few times.

  12. Kills me everytime i see you do that eastbay in the intro and the gym is..*crickets* #haterz#noenergy but ay gotta bring your own energy

  13. My dude your great! What's your weight and Max squat? Thanks just trying to compare my progress to something

  14. Lobs r so hard to catch. I cant do a self lob although I can dunk normal on an 8 foot hoop. Ik that's so low but I'm 12 5'4 asian boy who isnt allowed to lift or go to the gym

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