"Serena" Indie Game Walkthrough (Entire Game)

Described as a (twisted) love-letter to the gaming community, “Serena” is a short, point-and-click adventure game available for FREE on Steam. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


“Serena” is a beautifully depressing game about a man trapped in a cabin, trying to remember his wife. Interact with the various objects in the cabin as you experience loss, sadness, confusion, anger, rage and betrayal.

This game is about an hour long, if you interact with everything. This is my second play-through, with no commentary, and not interacting with everything. I apologize for how slow it gets at the end – apparently my PC was as depressed as the game ^^

Check out my play-through of The last of Us:

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22 thoughts on “"Serena" Indie Game Walkthrough (Entire Game)

  1. Classic. His wife was cheating on him, and with her lover killed him by burning him. Sad. But who was that rotten body from the locker?

  2. I assume the body is yours. Serena and that guy must have killed him, and were now burning the crime scene.
    The keepsake she said she would get out of the ashes was her wedding ring.

  3. Although I become frustrated with this game, at least it's a start for new ideas. Maybe in the future there can be a bit more mechanical problem solving. A sense of accomplishment is needed to continue further within a game. "Oh, I see! So this opens that, and then………." As it progresses the story opens up and then my mind is captured into furthering my guess as to what happened. "I thought he murdered her! Oh, that's not the case! Aha! Good twist." I didn't feel immersed because there was little involvement on my part. Just a thought. Thank you for posting this. Enlightening.

  4. I was not able to really make any progress on this game, and now I see you need to click on the various items in a certain order to make progress. But, how can you know or figure out what the progression is? Is it just a matter of dumb luck?

  5. Nice atmosphere, ok graphics. But after 30 minutes I had explored everything, and got no-where! Reading the comments, it seems like a timing thing… A spiteful game mechanic, just to prolong it's longevity… Enough to put me off it… Now deleted! BIG THANKS for the video RudeOnion 😉

  6. thank you for this …. the game is di jointed and unless you know which order to wakr round the objects ? makes no sense whatsoever … without this video i would never find out what the story is about

  7. You should look up & try "Day of the Tentacle". It is a 90's PC game, but it's a cartoon game sequel to Maniac Mansion. It's an adventure game where you need to talk to npc's, find & use items to solve puzzles.

  8. I thought it was actually him who killed his wife and that was her in the closet but I now realized that the girl there was Serena. That actually just made it sadder for me.

  9. I'd like to know what percentage of people actually play this game. I started it up, clicked on everything in the room and it all did nothing, gave up and found this.

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