Serena – Free Depressing / Aggravating Indie Game, Full Playthrough (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

Serena is a free indie game on Steam. You play as a man that has forgotten the events that caused Serena to no longer be in his life. You have to examine items to regain your memory.

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28 thoughts on “Serena – Free Depressing / Aggravating Indie Game, Full Playthrough (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

  1. You missed a few scenes, one of which was going back to check the picture after finding the body and you would find that the picture had changed one more time and was now instead of her face changing, it had been his where he had looked more corpse-like. Also, there was a lot more text where if you had gone back and clicked on everything after finding the body, you would have found him saying more things full of regret for "killing her" as he thought he had done (basically the final lines for every item in the lodge).

  2. So you really have the word "schmoltzy" or "schmaltzy" in English??? XD
    And I thought Iceberg and Kindergarden and Rucksack were the only 3 words in use.
    This game is interesting, reminds me of some old adventure that played in the year 1900 and the protagonist was some crazy inventor who built a machine to be able to go into a dreamworld or other dimension.

  3. Is it just me or does the dialogue and exposition just feel out of place and overly "poetic"? I dunno I just got annoyed with the shmaltzy wordplay after a while.

  4. 6:15 Her decomposing body is in that trunk, isn't it? That or a wedding dress. Calling it right now.
    Got to the end… I so fucking hate this game. Pissed me off. Not because I was wrong. Just… bleh. I hate stories like this.

    Ugh and then the fucking game have to fuck with my brain. I think I know what happened.
    The guy was weak right? The guy haven't eaten in a while, he needed pills, probably had a stroke too going by all the things he said.
    With that, while they were having an argument, the bitch threw the iron that "could kill him." The thing killed him seeing as he was already weak and she put the body in the trunk for a few weeks.
    She kept all of her things there, even her ring, and then came back with someone to turn the house down with kerosene.

    The guy was long dead when the story started, and his ghost saw the destruction of his house and his body.
    BUT I wish there was a follow up to this, because Serena would get caught. Saying something about demolition or about selling the area meaning people were coming to tear down the place anyway… but they would find the body.
    The reason she would get caught is… while yeah the fir might burn away the dried up body… it won't melt her wedding ring. So they would find that in the rubble and probably find a few of the guy's remains (that's how they usually identify people right? Like scorched bodies they can still get to the teeth and such) and then put the pieces together.

    In the end, you died, and she gets sent to jail after in the future. That's how I see it.

    I just always was into detective stories…

    …which I think… didn't he say something about looking for evidence as if he was in a detective stor…
    Okay fuck this game. FUCK IT! FUCK THIS GAME!

  5. Nice video! I did a play through of this too (as my first video actually 🙂 ) but my computer is slow so the end scene froze, but seeing the fire actually burn the picture was really cool. The game was beautiful but really frustrating, I was spending so much time just clicking on random things that I had to look up a walk through eventually.

  6. Hey Kravin, have you played Betrayer? It's a good game and you should check it out. I'd love to watch you play it. ❤️ thanks for the upload too 😃

  7. Love these types of games. Yes, they are 'technically' novels in a sense but they have game aspects to them as well, in the same vein as point-and-click games that are text-heavy.

  8. I'm so glad someone finally played this! I've been wanting you or John to do so for a while. I'm also glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. It's a bit heavy and depressing (and wordy) but I was surprised by how good and evocative it was, especially for a free game.

  9. God, the voice actor butchered all of the Irish names XD (I just studied all of this Irish mythology/poetry stuff this past year so the names are still so fresh in my mind.)

  10. Agustin Cordes is a master of subtle literary horror in an interactive setting (I think Scratches is one of the best horror games ever made).  But I've always felt his puzzle design was a bit on the wonky side of things.

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