SAW 2 Flesh and Blood | Full HD | Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

SHN Rating for SAW 2 Flesh and Blood 👻👻👻

The Game Continues !
Saw 2 takes place right after the ending of the first Saw Game! Can we survive Jigsaws new puzzle ? Live or die!

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32 thoughts on “SAW 2 Flesh and Blood | Full HD | Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

  1. It's a shame they rushed this game, if they'd spent more time polishing it they could have had a franchise on their hands.

  2. I like how you look at the puzzles for a split second, as if you've actually figured them out that fast and didn't already know the solution lol

  3. Why some people dislike this game both Saw games for ps3 are quite awesome actually and gameplay wise this is actually better than Saw the game because you can enjoy this games puzzles more than in Saw the game wich got some quite annoying missions in this game only annoying puzzle is Sarah's puzzle and only those third pipes are pain in the ass but athmosphere is for sure better in the first game 👍🏻 but some missions can drive you as crazy as jigsaw 🤣

  4. The secret ending is far better where Michael lives and Campbell dies in the trap at the beginning. Then Michael leaves and moves to a different area to start over. The writers forgot that John wasn't like Hoffman where he screwed over people with impossible situations. Michael had no control over Campbell's test. So him dying wasn't fair or part of John's MO. So I'm pretending that Michael lived in the end here. Other than that, it reminds me of Saw 3 and after that where the movies got stupid and pointless. Campbell was dying from a terminal disease, I'd rather die like a hero to save someone else than to die slowly in bed and knowing that someone else could be alive instead.

  5. I don’t mean to offend any die-hard Saw film fans but are the games canon to the movies or what? I’m confused and curious, I’ve never have seen a Saw film from start to finish

  6. My biggest pet peeve is that there are so many dead body's someone has to have the same shoe size as him or close just take there shoes there not useing them

  7. Jigsaw has a very Medieval way of dispensing punishment. His methods are far from softcore, I'll give him that. My other favorite character was Patrick/Dwayne AKA "The Rammer." Dude was the definition of relentless. Ha ha ha ha! He would not stop until he rocked whoever he was trying to kill. Moreover, the Cage Match had me in tears! I was dying laughing!

  8. 2:25 I used to play this game and when I hear this music it sounds really errie. does anyone know this theme? I'm trying to find it for a horror video I'm making.

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