Rotate – Official Walkthrough

Spoiler alert! This video shows how to beat Rotate and of course reveals the majority of the story. We recommend only using this guide in places where you’re stuck!

0:10 – Level 1
0:21 – Level 2
0:34 – Level 3
0:46 – Level 4
1:03 – Level 5
1:21 – Level 6
1:45 – Level 7
2:13 – Level 8
2:42 – Level 9
3:20 – Level 10
3:58 – Level 11
4:23 – Level 12
4:49 – Level 13
5:30 – Level 14
6:18 – Level 15
7:07 – Level 16

Play the game online now!
Armor Games:

Game and music created by Joshua Stone


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21 thoughts on “Rotate – Official Walkthrough

  1. I just discovered Rotate today, and it is the BEST game I've played so far. I really thought if i clicked on the cat at the end i would get something else😅

  2. I thought this was a Steam game at first, because of the gameplay and story. I later realized that it's only a HTML (a.k.a. website) game. That's extremely impresive! I did play this game as well because my friend told me about it. I got to say, it's one of the best platforming/puzzle games I have ever played!

  3. I played this game many times, starting out with, like, an hour and a half to only 5 minutes and 39 seconds. I am proud.

  4. Rating: 8.25
    Rotate shows promise, and Light Wolf Studios definitely makes an intriguing game. The strange text that appears and the (mostly) monochrome color scheme sets the correct mood for a breakout of some psychopathic prison. The saws and spikes made it feel like a slaughterhouse, setting up the mood even further. I eagerly wait for a sequel, hoping for some new puzzles to tackle.

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