Rambo Arcade Gameplay – Full Playthrough

Rambo Arcade is an exciting shooting arcade game that truly lives up to the Rambo legend. Unlike many on rail shooters, there is not cover system, and the light gun is an automatic assault rifle with a large ammo clip, so you may literally spray your foes with bullets just as John Rambo would. This video was captured in-house at Highway Entertainment straight from the arcade machine’s Sega Lindbergh gameboard. Rambo Arcade is a legendary arcade shooter that will really get the testosterone flowing and give you a fix of excessive violence. In the words of the game: “He will never be forgotten, so long as we tell his heroic tales.”
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30 thoughts on “Rambo Arcade Gameplay – Full Playthrough

  1. unpopular opinion, but how the fuck people here say this is better than rambo the video game. It's as terrible as 2014 game, even might be worse. Might as well play time crisis rather than this lmao.

  2. こう言っちゃなんですが・・・・余り御上手ではありませんね。私は初見プレイでステージ4まで行きましたよ?

  3. I remember playing this in my local arcade. I use to be very accurate with the bow, bazooka, and all the stuff that involved quick-time-one-shot stuff. Until they closed the game for good :((

  4. I remember playing this in a mall with my uncle while I was waiting for my mom and aunt to finish shopping when I was around 6 to 7 years old. It was really fun not gonna lie!

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