Play with the Teletubbies – Game Grumps

Do….do I have to?
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27 thoughts on “Play with the Teletubbies – Game Grumps

  1. Uhh… hey. Did you forget to finish this one? Come on guys, complete this game. I know you're busy, so I'll post a reminder every so often.

  2. I had the unfortunate displeasure of playing this game myself when I was younger. I have so many regrets.

  3. im not saying anything about the tinky winky situation but i did watch this as a kid and im a gay man so like,

  4. Before I was born, my mom used to have nightmares about a teletubby breaking into our house and stealing my, at the time, newborn sister. I wish I was lying.

  5. I watched an episode where family members hid behind curtains and you had to find them it was so dumb

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