Owen and Abby Tragic Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Scenes

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Owen and Abby Tragic Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Scenes

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20 thoughts on “Owen and Abby Tragic Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Scenes

  1. Abby's story does sound good, though I understand why she killed Joel but killing Owen? Nope. Ellie should have spared him, in a different way.

  2. Owen: "A good person, doing a bad thing.."
    Abby: "A questionably bad person that STILL needs to get what she f**king deserves."

  3. committing adultery & infidelity with your pregnant best friend's boyfriend IS NOT a tragic love story. It's a indecency & degeneracy. Based on Twitter SJWs, they should be cancelled REEEEEEE (LOL)

  4. Isaac was such a good bad guy he was wasted in this game. We get nothing about him or the Scar leader just they fought, had a truce and fought again…

  5. I think it would've been better if they waited to reveal Abby's identity or vendetta against Joel for later. Let us push theories on who she is until the big reveal.

  6. I feel bad for Owen because he's the only nice guy in Abby's friends. But then at the end of the day, I don't care about him.

  7. A tragic story of Boy meets Ma'am and falling in love. They would hold hands are argue about who was triggered more by their White privileged in a post apologetic world. Joels last words to ABBY were look sir…I'm sorry I killed your crazy dad…..her response was …IT's MA'AM right before crushing is skull…as Ellie screamed…Safespace…safespace Now!!! LOL

  8. I’m calling it now, in a few years people will calm down and realize they were too hard on the last of us 2 and that while it isn’t a masterpiece like the first game, it still was a decent game with just a meh story.

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