Oney Plays Animated: The Sasquatch Games

Source Oney Plays FINDING BIGFOOT (w/psychicpebbles and Niall)
(Seizure warning)?

for this one I used a bit of Picture editing for the backgrounds in order to make the video look better as I did in my simps videos since the backgrounds are my weakness at this point, and somestuff I animate looksstill weird and flat but I feel like is kind of looking more like what I want to create and I’m getting somewhere with these videos now, anyways, more vids coming soon XOXOXOX

I made a couple mistakes but ain’t gonna re-upload, too late

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32 thoughts on “Oney Plays Animated: The Sasquatch Games

  1. Satchmo was Louis Armstrong's nickname. I don't mind the Moe Sasquatch and I dont expect any of you to know Louis Armstrong's nickname, but I needed to validate this missed opportunity.

  2. I love how you animate everything in your style, except for Zach, who you occasionally animate as weird and creepy as possible.

  3. 0:30 me and my friends when no ones at home (theyre like talking wierd things i dont know why,btw im the only one that doesnt do that…….thing?)

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