Miitopia: The Great Sage – PART 2 – Grumpcade (ft. Jimmy Whetzel & Commander Holly)

Ross, Holly, and Jimmy embark on a Mii filled quest for truth, love, and adventure. (and everyone’s faces, they got stolen).


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34 thoughts on “Miitopia: The Great Sage – PART 2 – Grumpcade (ft. Jimmy Whetzel & Commander Holly)

  1. If I ever do a series on miitopia I am going to use the brony community as my miis and am planning to make aeon of dreams the great sage and silver the dark lord until then i am using random mii's.

  2. Toad and Toadette watch this:
    Toad: Obviously, Jimmy wanted to be a female pop star, because he’s gay.
    Toadette: Obviously…
    Toad: I mean would YOU want be a MALE pop star?
    Toadette: Heck, no!

  3. Since I only have me, my mother, and my sister for miis, I enabled mii central. I, unfortunately, have a bunch of junk to wade through, with just as much gold. The child in the village was Peter Griffin before I changed him. And when I browsed through Mii Central for the great sage, like 5 Jesus showed up and I got the most perfect one.

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