Miitopia: Dan's Butterfly Honey – PART 1 – Grumpcade (ft. Jimmy Whetzel & Commander Holly)

Ross, Holly, and Jimmy embark on a Mii filled quest for truth, love, and adventure. (and everyone’s faces, they got stolen).


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28 thoughts on “Miitopia: Dan's Butterfly Honey – PART 1 – Grumpcade (ft. Jimmy Whetzel & Commander Holly)

  1. People be talking about this. I just wanted to watch miitopia and now I’m confused! WhAt ThE fReAk HaPpEnEd HeRe Im ReAdY tO tAkE iT.

  2. What happened I want to know and don't say I don't wanna know. Also don't say drama. I want to know exactly what happened.

  3. And now Hollys privatized all of her videos with Ross 😞 Of course she can, they’re her videos, but I loved their Pokémon Sun play through. I’m gonna really miss that

  4. Anybody else here just to watch it and not because of the drama that happened? Anyone??

    Seriously, Anyone!? Really?!

  5. I just came from the No Players Online episode and I kept expecting everything to suddenly get spooky

  6. for the people who don't know people thought that jimmy was dead his not hope that clears some things up

  7. okay all these comments are confusing to me. This is my first time watching this series and REALLY want to know what happened. Don't say "I'm better off not knowing" or "just wait" I'm just looking for an explanation, not a warning please.

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