Mega City Underpass Bridge Road Building Construction Simulator – Android GamePlay

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➔ Mega City Underpass Construction Bridge Building is a 3d platform game! Bridge builder crane will leads you to many amazing challenges and levels! You can drive the vehicles such as fork lifter and construction crane and can enjoy working on underpass construction. Here underpass builder simulator your working machines have a realistic driving physics optimized for mobile devices. Download construction adventure and accept progressive challenges with your driving skills and construct underpass. This construct city underpass is a new addition to our underpass building. Come to this new construction bridge and enjoys the variety of heavy construction vehicles. Become a heavy excavator operator, construction truck driver, road roller operator & road builder in this new city construction games. There are amazing construction machines that you have never seen before in free games of Chinese bridge building. Avail the lucky chance of being an expert big machine while constructing making under pass road. The river bridge construction simulator is all about techniques used in support pillars transport. Download this underpass modern bridge created by TwoTwenty Games and have fun with underground road construction. It publishes free to play apps for all platforms. Enjoy the FREE adventure of ring road underpass.

The story of road construction site is all about the incredible construction work. As you know that city is getting rushy day by day and there is always traffic jam at Beijing underpass. Being the driver of this tunnel & bridge builder crane you thought to resolve this issue. That’s why the charge of construct city road is given to you. The first level of construction paving machines is to break the existing road with the help of bulldozer. In the next level of concrete mixer truck you need to use the excavator and dig the place for construction. At the moment the mission of plan area is given to you in pedestrian passageway. Use the road roller and plan the place for the mega tunnel builder. In this mission you are supposed to spread the stones on the plane area with the help of stone loader. It is hectic task in kalanki underpass road construction you need to be very careful while driving the machine. The under boxes are given in road construction equipment mega machines you need to fix them in railway underpass. And then throw concrete on the road for overpass and underpass. In the coming levels of road builder simulation you need to place the street lights and the fence. In the final level of highway builder you are supposed to drive the car in that road and enjoy the feel of work completion!

Mega City Underpass Construction: Bridge Building Features:
100% Free to Play Missions of heavy excavator work
Pragmatic graphics and fascinating environment for heavy construction project
Challenging Missions of construct underpass and roads
Smooth Game play and control of flyovers and underpasses
Real life machinery models for Underpass Bridge
A number of heavy machinery to operate in this underpass building structures
Progressive levels full of fun
Intuitive controls to operate underpass tunnel digging


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