Love Ribbon (Afterstory) – Fall, My Tears

Today i return to my favorite game/story so far of 2017, “Love Ribbon”, after Razzart went and released a update to the game that introduces a expanded epilogue, as well as some cute and emotional moments and with some questions being answered. How are Iris and Zoey after a year has past since the end of Love Ribbon? What does their father think about their relationship? Lets find out together! My excitement was barely contained!

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22 thoughts on “Love Ribbon (Afterstory) – Fall, My Tears

  1. NOOOO. The cliffhanger with the professor discovering them was in a video that was deleted off of YouTube. I’m sad but at least I get to still watch the afterstory.

    Right finally at the end of the video and my review is that this gave off intense Citrus vibe first of all and that this game was well made and beautiful. While I don’t feel too comfortable with incest, the relationship between the two was still great regardless. This entire VN was one hell of a ride and am glad with how the afterstory wrapped everything right.

  2. I looked it up, apparently consensual insest same-sex Marriage/relationships Are not illegal in the state of America …😐😐😐 soooo yeah there alright and where’s the logic game!!??!?

  3. Happy to find another let's play of this so I can watch the whole of the story when I get around to to this one. Just finished watching Makoto's route in chrono clock and up to Mio's in Saku Saku. Also finished watching Misaki's route in Fureraba. That game is awesome. My favourite so far. Think I'll start with magical lunatics next before moving on to love ribbon

  4. It may seem like their dad is irresponsible, but I kind of understand him. Once you get older, you realise the sacrifices parents make. His job seems to be one that makes a lot of money, but it also requires long hours(70+ hours a week), saying yes to every client so that you don't lose them, and not making any mistakes. To be that rich isn't always a life of luxury, it's a lot of sacrifices. It's not a very healthy lifestyle, regardless, and not many people would be willing to make that many sacrifices. Yet people really believe these guys are lazy, it's actually the complete opposite.

    But he has a good nature, regardless. He knows full well his daughters never truly ended their relationship and has accepted it deep down, just not drawing attention to it. Which is the smart thing to do.

  5. I regret deciding against buying it now after having seen it. Will buy it if not for me at least for a friend

  6. Sir, you have gained a subscriber hahaha I bought the game myself and finished to the end and but your voice acting makes its perfect!

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