Let's Play Serena | Game Walkthrough

Might be cool. Some odd audio cuts for some reason.

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How long has it been? A man sits in a distant getaway cabin waiting for his wife Serena. Where is she? Things in the cabin evoke memories, and the husband comes to a disturbing realization…

This short point-and-click adventure is the result of a massive collaborative effort between dozens of fans and designers of adventure games. Rallying to support the venerable genre and its passionate community, these developers have brought together a grim and highly detailed horror story in what is the largest, possibly even the first, game project of its kind. Talents include crew from renowned indie companies Senscape, CBE Software, Infamous Quests, Digital Media Workshop, Guys from Andromeda, and many more.

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24 thoughts on “Let's Play Serena | Game Walkthrough

  1. Hey guys! If you could also check out my playthrough after this it would be very much appreciated!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tnsG56FRWU

  2. I find it funny how he went to I love my wife. She is so sweet…. I hate her! She is ugly and annoying! XD I just lost it lol played this today. very interesting though.

  3. spoilers

    one if the device revealed a single sentence of a hint that explains the entire story.

    the cabin is Purgatory. the Main character (mc) is constantly reliving this over and over again. proof is that the cabin looks charred an he mentioned the windows covered in black soot. the cabin was set on fire at the end but it didn't burn down. and how do we know this? because at the start of the game the mc mentions it is raining. which put out the firearm started his Purgatory loop. the body is his. his wife killed him. what cju saw on the floor but couldn't examine was blood. it grew as the story progressed. cju also missed a click on the photo right at the end. of he had he would have seen the guy in the photo looked ghoulish and dead. the house was there for years after his death. his wife was cheating on him and that was the talk. that she wanted to leave him and come clean. when he turned away from the comfy chair she killed him. I can't see too old in the dark via this recording but one dev said that in that corner you can look and piece together how he was killed. boom

  4. The VA kinda remnds me of the guy who played king ghram from kings quest series. i wonder whose side of the bed the bad lamp was on. It could be symbolic? Plus I am wondering if it isn't in fact (SPOILER GUESS) the husband who is in fact dead…

    I think that the guy is dead, she killed him and hid his body in the bureau, and then she burned the house down, the guy is a ghost in the house, which is why he is still there (the house already looks burned down) and when those two are talking outside, one of them says, shall we move it (the guys body). thats what im sure it is.

  6. Wow. Another great game you've introduced me to, Cju. I really loved this one… but I can't help thinking that there was a piece of the puzzle left undiscovered. When Serena read her first letter it almost sounded like they'd…had an affair? Why would two young people live in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere? Despite the dead body, something else is very strange. I'm going to enjoy mulling this one over.

  7. Oooh, can't wait for more, but the sound seems to be glitching out for me in some spots. Is this the game or something with Youtube being dumb again?

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