Jon Hein Defends the “Game of Thrones” Battle of Winterfell

While some complained the Battle of Winterfell in HBO’s hit series was too dark to see, Stern Show staffer Jon Hein disagreed.

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48 thoughts on “Jon Hein Defends the “Game of Thrones” Battle of Winterfell

  1. It was pitch black. PITCH BLACK … Almost NO visual information on what was going on. And that is BAD FILM PRODUCTION. It was really disappointing.

  2. I would love a real, candid [Howard] interview with George RR Martin the author of the books to know what he thinks about what the smug, arrogant, pretentious HBO writers and directors have done to the story. That probably won't happen for a long time, if ever. He was probably made to sign something to keep him silent.

  3. it was dark and that why it’s good. Gave a very realistic feeling of being in that battle and difficulty to see some places, just like the people in that movie. Great experience and decision by Director. Why make another battle scene that we already saw a thousand times.

  4. Should they maybe get some new glasses? I watched the Episode on my Laptop and could see everything. Sure it was dark but not that bad,

  5. I changed the brightness and contrast on my television and was able to see everything fine! And it was the BEST episode of any show ever!!!

  6. If the episode was too dark then:

    You have a cheap tv.

    You don’t know how to adjust your settings.

    The viewing angle of your tv is off.

    Or all of the above.

  7. Theory: the original finished product was actually well lit but after seeing how shit the episode was, HBO ordered them to darken it,
    to use it as a scapegoat and draw the attention away from the plot issues while everyone instead complains about the darkness

  8. Everyone complaining about lighting and stuff. Remember its a tv show. No where near the budget up front they have like movies do

  9. You sound like a bunch of whiny idiots. Maybe you should spend some money on a better tv, or maybe you’re just not smart enough to figure out the picture settings. If you can’t appreciate it, don’t watch it!

  10. I didn't stream it. I dl'd a 4 GB copy with bittorent, watched it with VLC on a good Dell HD monitor, and to see anything had to crank the brightness and contrast ridiculously high. And then it was just murky and washed out. What were they thinking?! The big battle everyone's been waiting for, and then it looks like crap? SMH

  11. It's HBO's fault, not D&D. This is a new problem. A giant night battle with thousands and thousands of pixels of CGI has never been sent out and streamed to billions of people world wide on tiny devices. They didn't see that coming, no pun intended. It's a shame but now we know. This is something that unfortunately will only look really good when bought in hard copy. There's just no way to "stream" the absolute behemoth technical weight of this episode through the internet.

  12. There's nothing to say other than the lighting for that battle sucked.
    They did it on purpose because it was the last season they wanted to get it over with a bunch of inpatient bastards.
    There's an actual interview where D&D say that they're getting sick of filming Game of Thrones about a couple years ago and that they're speeding up the process.
    Well this is what happens when you give two assholes the greatest TV gift in the world they act like they're too good to finish it properly.
    A moron could have made the song of Ice and Fire book novels a fucking hit on TV or movies.
    I could have done it with no experience I just would have needed to surround myself with a great team of cameramen producers and writers like they did…etc…I hope George rips them a new one but he won't. I love his work but once this amount of money and fame come to you over one of your properties you won't talk shit about it even if someone fucks it up as long as it did great financially… Fucking sad

  13. One of my favorite episodes, it's in the middle of nowhere, at night and it's overcast, also he's called The Night King for a reason, he brings the darkness, whaa I couldn't see anything!? Go tweet about it then shut your hole.

  14. Honestly, the lack of brightness/lighting never even crossed my mind until I came on social media. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

  15. LOL it was meant to be dark. The type of Television that the you're using makes a huge difference. I had to watch the episode again on another Television because I was using an older flat screen. The second time around the picture was much clearer. The streaming makes a world of difference as well as does room lighting. I had to watch the episode in a pitch black room in order to watch the episode. The creators really dropped the ball on this one though you shouldn't need to watch the episode in a pitch black room ffs🤔

  16. Make sure you are in a dark room with your TV's backlight setting cranked to 100% makes a HUGE difference.

  17. Gary always suckin up to Howard. Robin trying to say something relevant or cool, but doesn't really work for her. The episode was pretty good, stop complaining.

  18. It's incredible this issue about the darkness (black level) of the episode. I understand there are two siuations…TV calibration and story environment. GOT is produced and HBO transmits in the highest quality. If people couldn't distinguish faces? Then the TV is too dark, not the scene. Yes, you need to make some basic TV adjustments for better image performance. Also, many modern TVs have backlighting, which you can adjust to dial back the black level.

    Now, if you have an issue with, say, the Dothraki attack scene. Then you don't understand cinema and when the creators want the audience to feel a certain way. That is, the living couldn't see the dead walkers, and so, neiher do you. The good dragons clash, because they couldn't see each other well, and so, the creators wanted the audience to feel the same confussion. You don't like it? Then go see some cheap and gory zombie series, or learn to appreciate well made cinema. Oh, and learn how to manage your TV settings, they're not adjusted by Alexa.

  19. One of the most famous scenes in film history is the storming of Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan. The camera is made to be our first hand account of the battle. It gets splattered with sand, dirt, blood, we can hear the ringing tinnitus, we can hear it get forced underwater. You feel like you are in the scene. That is what they attempted here with the darkness. They wanted to disorient the viewer like they were there. I was not a fan of it either in this case.

  20. I've never seen a battle scene in a movie where there were more epic fight to the death scenes over and over again of the same character. I don't know how many times I thought that giant blond woman was going to die? I thought the fat guy was a goner at least five times.

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