Japanese Tonkatsu Lunch Box [Cute Chicken Bento] – とんかつ弁当 Ep1

How To Make Japanese Tonkatsu Lunch Box Recipe [ASMR]
とんかつ弁当の作り方 [Eating sound]
●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 1 cup of Rice
– 1,5 cup water
– Pork loin
– Salt
– Ground pepper
– 2 Eggs
– Flour
– 150g Bread crumbs
– Cooking oil
– Corn
– 10g Unsalted butter
– Sugar
– Stock powder
– Dried tiny shrimp
– Scallion
– Cucumber
– Dried seaweed sheet
– Tonkatsu sauce
– Sesame
– Salt Pickled Cherry Blossoms
– 3tsp Gelatin
– 40ml Water
– 35g Sugar
– 120ml Water
– 50g Cherry Blossom Syrup
(モナン さくら)
– Refrigerate for 3 hours
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1. 점심 도시락
2. Cách làm Bento Cơm Hộp Nhật Bản
3. Kotak Bekal Makan siang
4. ชุดเบนโตะกุ
5. खाने का डिब्बा
7.صندوق الغداء
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20 thoughts on “Japanese Tonkatsu Lunch Box [Cute Chicken Bento] – とんかつ弁当 Ep1

  1. I've had many different foods from many different cultures and I gotta say, this is my favourite, probably because I grew up on Japanese home cooking

  2. So just a question. I've never had rice without some sort of gravy or curry. Unless it was fried rice. So doesn't this feel dry when eating??

  3. Him: this meal is for lunch
    Me: nah this is weekend dinners
    These Asian parents have to much time on their hands (btw that was a JOKE)

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