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Merry Christmas! We just have time to squeeze the secret ending to Inside inbetween your Turkey and Christmas pudding. Take care, folks!



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29 thoughts on “Inside – Alternate Ending

  1. A point I realized by the end of the game and might be relevant to multiple theories: after being dragged down and killed and/or just "modified" by the aquatic test subjects to breath underwater, the boy can ALSO control the hypnotized/mind wiped creatures without a helmet. This might be shown with the Blob, but also happened beforehand with other people and puzzles without me realizing.

    So after reading multiple theories here and tying it in with the globes and the secret ending, I think the boy is controlled by the player/outside controls, but we're controlled by the Blob to free it disguised as us just wanting to solve the mystery. (Spoiler: SERIOUSLY reminds me of Bioshock's plot now that I think about it. Maybe one inspiration of INSIDE?) Maybe it's a mix of both player/outside controls and Blob, and range might matter as we're about halfway into the game and halfway between the Outside controls and Blob's force from Inside (maybe a deep philosophical message?) when the boy is "modified" with both underwater breath and mind control (mind controlled by Blob?). But the globes might be extending the range of either the Blob or the player/control center.

    Pulling the plugs out of the hidden globes might be removing the Blob's range of mind control on us/the boy/the whole facility (like Glados from Portal fighting to keep control of the whole place) since this can take place before seeing the Blob. Then we're "allowed" to access our control center and pull the boy's plug because our goal of ending the Blob's control on us/the facility is complete.

    Maybe it's the other way around, where the globes belong to the player because they "hum" the same note as the vault lock and removing them breaks our lock for the boy to end our control. In this case, the Blob might be stopping our control so it can remain in power (i.e. Glados)

    One way the "control us to control the boy to free the Blob" may not make sense is because the Blob had many others in closer proximity to free it, even though the globes might extend range for its mind control to travel on the boy. Size might matter too, as the boy is smaller and has a less developed brain than the mind-wiped adults inside. Maybe the modification gave the boy a strong mind control on nearby people, while the blob only needed weak control on the boy to beat us/the outside force. Or, again, maybe we still had control over the boy from Outside, only pursuing the mystery all along.

    Lots of theories, up to interpretation it seems. The plot never comes together enough for us to make a definitive story that can have plot holes, just a lot of philosophy. I give it a 9/10 for the atmosphere, interesting (though simple) puzzles, and vague story/philosophy that is actually worth a think.

  2. Absolutely brilliant game.. but I'm glad I didn't bother collecting everything to see that ending 😀 And there would be no way I'd figure out the lever sequence either!

  3. I have no idea how you're supposed to figure all this by yourself.

    Haven't noticed any door in the corn field
    Havent found any room with the big globe
    You have to remember background notes and jump back to older chapters.

    And to top the nonsense the ending makes even less sense than the normal ending

  4. Maybe the secret ending is the blob (you) instead of trying to escape like in the actually ending, is pulling the plug aka ending its life because he think it can't escape??

  5. It's sad, when you think about it, that many people, like you said, don't try to figure it out for themselves. Even if it takes you somewhat longer, it's a puzzle, meant to be puzzled out. If you can't do it yourself, what's the point of finding the solution in a video and then replicating it. You could just watch the video and leave it at that, because there's no point in doing it in your game – you've already seen what it looks like and there's nothing to be gained, aside from some misplaced sense of accomplishment. I'm probably weird, right, for owning a rubik's cube that I have been able to solve only up to two last pieces, yet I refuse to look up any instructions or algorithms on how to solve it. If I can't solve it myself, it's going to remain unsolved for me forever because "solving it" while having my hand led by someone else would make it meaningless.

  6. I’d be curious to know if anyone figured out the final mystery on their own, that the combination to the last vault door is the notes of the game’s soundtrack.

  7. Ok, something i didnt saw anyone say ia that, the humans knew you were going to escape and go to the Beach, the ligth is them, they "help" you Just cause theyre lurding you

  8. it's more of a bonus answer , not bonus ending.
    It confirms the theory that the boy never existed and it was just a zombie being controlled from the beginning.

  9. My theory: I think there was a war ( that's why they have the 'shockwave room' to test weapons) that seriously depopulated the country. Through cloning and genetic experiments they created The Huddle (blob) and the scientists grow 'people' from the Huddle like cuttings from a plant. These people are mindless and just extensions of the Huddle which can control and coordinate these Grey people. The scientists keep the Huddle trapped to force it to control these Greys as a replacement menial work force and use machines to extend The distance the Huddle can control them. Now the scientists are trying to replicate how to duplicate how the Huddle controls the Greys so they don't need it any longer. The Boy is a mindless Grey that was released before maturing and under the control of The Huddle.

  10. In the background, a cable from computers is connected to the mind controller. It's a hint. The boy disconnected his mind from control's players.

  11. Perfection, thank you. I just hit the regular ending, and seeing what a pain this one was to get, I'm grateful to you for your excellent walk-through.

  12. I know everyone's saying it was like symbolic and deep or whatever but I just thought it was freaking weird.

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