How WiXoss Gets You To Buy a Starter Deck

Many people complained about how Konami expects you to buy three of each structure deck by only including one copy of each card. But is there such a thing as too far in the other direction?

WiXoss(Pronounced “We-Cross”) is a card game by Takara Tomy, but you have likely heard the name from the anime Selector Infected WiXoss, a Madoka-inspired superdark anime.

Fun fact: While the show doesn’t go into detail on how to play the game (A deliberate choice to focus on character) if you DO know how to play, you can follow the matches as they happen.

The game itself iterates on a lot of mechanics from other games: Upping Duel Master’s Shield to 7, which go to the resource bar rather than to the hand, a Vanguard-like levelup mechanic immune to getting Gradestuck, and a twist on Buddyfight’s Size mechanic which gets larger the higher your level. Worth a look, in my opinion!



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19 thoughts on “How WiXoss Gets You To Buy a Starter Deck

  1. This is actually a starter deck of an older format = Allstar format
    We're now playing the Key format and boi they got extra generous.

    – all major LRIGs (lvl 4 character card) can only be found in the starter deck soo that means you don't need to spend extra cash on powerful Lrigs in the boosters.

    – Some starter decks contains sleeves (Yes actual quality anime sleeves) for the lrig deck and despite having that bonus they just cost the same as any wixoss starter decks. Like man the latest starter deck released is from a collab with some vtubers and damn that starter deck has 3 different decks inside (But shared Lrig deck) and free sleeves and still cost the same as a normal starter deck.

  2. Yes the decks describe the Lrig's strategy
    Wixoss does alot fun stuff with the card frames
    Playsets is less of issue with Black decks as you 1-2 of most things.
    The Lrig deck is the main thing you need to upgrade first

  3. I wanna know where to get the cards. I wonder if they have any of the cards in English. Need to buy them.

  4. I was on KissAnime website. And i told my younger brother that were gonna push the random button. And the first Anime to pop up will watch it. And we did that. It ended up being Wixoss. When i first watched it i was like wow this Anime is pretty good. I seen many card based Anime since a child to now. And i gotta say i am enjoying this series. I gotta buy the card booster packs. There so beautiful looking. Wixoss does make me wanna buy starter decks.

  5. honestly i appreciate they are giving a playable deck right out of box but
    i dont wanna play a tcg with an anime killstar goth wannabe

  6. Can you do one about Force of Will's starter decks too? (spicifically The New Valhalla starters) I heard that they're really good

  7. I've heard you mention WIXOSS before and it kinda surprised me, didn't think you'd ever talk about it specifically so I'm shocked.

    WIXOSS personally is my favorite card game, been a fan of the franchise since season 1 was airing in Japan, though Lostorage certainly was a trash fire. I think the starter decks are partially what helped me and my friends get into it, since they are pretty effective decks. Though I don't know if I'd say they're too good since they're effective but most lack good synergy if you ask me and they only give a baseline understanding of what an LRIG is actually capable of.

    The only cards I own in real life is the Blue Request deck. It's sad it will likely never hit the West since it alongside Bakugan are likely the only card games I'd ever really play physically. I do play a lot online though with Ulith, Mirurun and Alfou decks I've constructed but the place I play hasn't been translating cards for years so I'm way behind on newer sets…

  8. Kodoh i love you so much however this type of videos are not my favourite i will keep watching you anyway

  9. I've got a few decks (plus a vanilla LV4 Piruluk). The anime is pretty good until the recap movie and the later seasons (the recent one of which is garbage save for some admittedly good moments (all of which are only with Kiyoi unfortunately)).

    Don't mean to shamelessly plug, but I've actually been doing a crossover fic with the original timeline for Vanguard.

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