How to play Uno Moo

Learn the rules to the board game Uno Moo quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to get all your figured back in the barn. Setup. Place all the figures in the barn and mix them up. Give each player a haystack which they stand in front of themselves. Each player draws 5 figures from the barn and places them behind their haystack. Open the barn door and place one figure from the barn onto it, then close the barn roof. The youngest player goes first then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn, place one of your figures onto the barn door by matching either the color or type of animal that is already there, pushing the current figure on the barn door into the barn. The next player must now match to the new figure on the barn door.

There are two special figures: the Skunk and the Farmer. If you play a skunk figure, the next player must DRAW 2 figures from the barn and lose their turn! A skunk can only be played on a matching color figure or any color skunk.

A white farmer figure is a wild. Instead of playing a matching color or animal figure, you can play a farmer figure and they automatically match any other figure. After you play a farmer, you call the color that is now in play. The next player must either play another farmer or a figure matching the called out color. Note: At the start of the game, if the farmer is the first figure placed on the barn door at the beginning of play, then whoever goes first chooses the color in play.

If you don’t have a matching figure or a farmer that you can play, you must draw 1 figure from the barn. If the figure you draw matches the color or animal on the barn door, or is a farmer, you may immediately play it. Otherwise, your turn ends.

When you have one figure left, you must say “UNO Moo!” (“UNO” means “one”) before your next-to-last figure touches the barn door. If you don’t yell “UNO Moo!” and another player catches you before the next player plays or draws, you must draw 2 figures from the barn. If you fail to say “UNO Moo!” and no one catches you by the time the next player begins their turn, you do not have to draw. A player begins a turn by either playing or drawing a figure.

The first player to place their last figure on the barn door, wins!


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13 thoughts on “How to play Uno Moo

  1. 0:33 u said the youngest player goes first, then play moves clockwise. and then at 1:44 u said whoever goes first.

  2. nice vid bro im ur biggest fan, i see u everyday at the local fisherman and i see u using the bathroom thru ur window. its beautifull

  3. This is a really cute version of Uno, when I had the game as a really little kid I just saw Uno and thought it meant it was made by the same company. I never knew it was an actual game and tbh, it would’ve been really fun if I did know. I just played with them like normal figures lol

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