How to Play RWBY: Combat Ready in 7 Minutes – The Rules Girl

The Rules Girl take a look at RWBY: Combat Ready, a cooperative card game for 2-5 players.

In RWBY: Combat Ready, players choose their favorite character from team RWBY and work together to complete the scenario’s objectives and defeat evil villains to save the world of Remnant!

You win by reducing the villain to zero aura.

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15 thoughts on “How to Play RWBY: Combat Ready in 7 Minutes – The Rules Girl

  1. If the villain plays an event card, do I attack it or does the villain play another card along side the event one?

  2. I’m still really confused with the “no one attacks” part. Like I get it if no one attacks, but what do you do after you’ve established that?

  3. Combat Ready looks pretty fun, but it's a shame it doesn't have some of the other characters here. particularly Team JNPR. Ah well, still cool.

  4. This so channel is so underrated. I love this video. You should do some other ones. I can think of many awesome board games for you to try and explain

  5. Awesome video, would have loved the differences in card abilities or special traits etc between the four characters explained. When she said "if you like ruby" at the end, I thought she would explain what ruby specialises in. Other than that, awesome and informative video, props to the editor.

  6. I’d like to point out that using your ultimate will discard the top card of the villain deck, and if the duel ends because the villain progresses past the end of the villain track while a hero is in the ultimate zone, their ultimate automatically hits.

    However it’s unclear if this discards the top card of the villain deck as it usually does.

  7. how are the rules changed with the 5th player? is it 4 heroes vs another player playing as the villian or 5 heroes vs the "NPC" vilian? or are both formats available?

  8. Still a bit confused on timing of when to use semblances and "spent x for y" effects. Based on Ruby's ability having the additional damage for failing, I assume it has to be used before the villains card is revealed at least… Does this go for all semblances?

  9. Yesss! We've already played our first game but I've been waiting for a good how to play to show my group, I think it'll really help them a lot.

  10. Really love how the rules girls explains these boardgames and the team's animation makes it really easy to understand!

  11. Great video. Looks like a fun game. Though I'm not really into RWBY. Curious to see if they make other versions with other intellectual properties.

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