How to play Brain Warp

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I’m gonna teach you how to play Brain Warp
Score mat, 90 cards, 4 triangle movers
Object of the game:
Be the first player or team to correctly answer 5 questions
First time you play:
Carefully seperate the cards, score mat pieces and triangle movers from the part sheets and dispose of any waste responsibly
Get ready:
1. Combine the cards all facing in the same direction (blue or orange side up) into one large deck.(Each card has 1 question and answer on each side of the card.)
2. Play one-on-one or split players into up to four teams. If one team has an extra player, this is fine. 3. Assemble the score mat in an area everyone can see. Choose a colored triangle to represent you or your team and place all movers at the START space.
Time to play!:
1. Keeping it secret from everyone, the oldest player draws a card from the top of the deck.
2. That player reads aloud the question on the front of the card to everybody, stating the three possible answers.
. First player to clap their hands together gets to answer the question. The reader if the card decides all ties (be honest)!
. If they are correct:
o That player or team moves their triangle ahead one space. The card is placed in a discard pile next to the deck.
. If they are incorrect:
o The reader will indicate that they are incorrect. Any other player or team gets a chance to answer by immediately clapping their hands first
♈️ People & History
♎️ Science & the World
♐️ Miscellaneous
♊️ Sports & Entertainment
o If nobody gets it, the card goes into the discard pile and the next question is asked by the same player.
3. The player who got the question correct moves their triangle forward one space, draws and reads the next question.
4. Play continues until a player or team has answered 5 questions correctly.
The Winner!:
The first player or team to answer 5 questions correctly wins!
For an easier game:
To give players an extra hint, read the category for each question aloud before reading the question itself!
This is set for ages 10+, 2+ players and 30 minute play

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