Hey Guys! I have an updated tutorial if you guys want to play Couch CO-OP Games Online! Video Link Here:
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PLAY LAN GAMES ONLINE (2020) w/ Hamachi:
PLAY PS2 GAMES on PC (2020):



1️⃣ First off, download the ZIP file here:
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This really means a lot as I can create more useful videos for you guys in the future!
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Download Link:

2️⃣ Uninstall any existing Diablo 2 – If you have Diablo 2 previously installed, make sure to back it up to an external hard drive or something before you uninstall.

3️⃣ Install the Diablo 2 Classic and Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord of Destruction
⛔️ IMPORTANT — Install in Program Files(x86) to avoid problems ⛔️

**The CD keys provided have already been registered to a account so you can’t register it anymore which will leave you to have the game playable only in Single Player Mode and Multiplayer Mode over LAN or Local Area Network, which is not really bad, considering now that you’re getting the game for only $1.00. If you want to play the game over, you can go ahead and purchase a new CD key from the Blizzard Store for around 10 USD. **

Anyways, another option is, you can download and install LogMeIn Hamachi to enable you to play LAN games with your friends over the Internet for FREE. Here’s my tutorial on how to set it up.
How to Play LAN Games with Hamachi in 2020:

4️⃣ Apply Resolution Mod – Just copy and paste the contents of the mod folder to the installation folder of Diablo 2 then afterward Create a Desktop Shortcut of the Application file

5️⃣ Run D2VidTest (Right-Click D2VidTest — Properties)
In the Compatibility Tab:
– Compatibility Mode: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Enabled)
– Always Run as Administrator (Enabled)

6️⃣ Also for the Mod Shortcut (Right-Click Shortcut — Properties)
In the Compatibility Tab:
– Compatibility Mode: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Enabled)
– Always Run as Administrator (Enabled)

7️⃣ Let’s Play!! 🎮🕹🤩

Now you can play Diablo 2 and enjoy this beautiful game in larger resolutions! Happy questing, farming and grinding this 2020!

PLAY w/ PLUGY (requires 1.13c installer free from Blizzard website):

Please refer to this guide:

Make sure to run the game as Administrator all the time. 😉 and also check here:

C:users[Your Username]appdatalocalvirtualstoreprogram filesdiablo 2save

and transfer save files to

C:Program Files (x86)Diablo IISave
or [Whichever Drive]Diablo IISave

Make sure that all save files are NOT Read-Only
(Right Click on Save Files – Properties – Untick Read-Only at the bottom – Apply)

Make backups immediately once you’ve found it! 😂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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34 thoughts on “HOW TO INSTALL DIABLO 2 in 2020

  1. Download link in the description. Also, please read it if you encounter any problems like d2vidtest not running or unhandled exception error and Save Files Missing or Not Saving. Thanks! 😀
    Please consider that in order for me to keep making new content I'll be needing your support!! Setting up a Patron Account is too daunting for me, let alone manage a different platform.
    So the download link will require a $1.00 donation to access. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I too will thank anyone in advance if you donate to download. #COVID19Effects
    Also, How To Install Diablo 1 is Officially here! So go check that out as well:

  2. Will the multires in the zip file work with diablo 2 1.14 it wont work for me as it can't run due to missing dll files etc and not having d2vidtst?

  3. Can someone tell me if i download this, can i manage to download plugy separete and add to this ?

  4. Thank you so much! it worked perfectly. If D2Vidtst won't run simply right-click and select troubleshoot compatibility. Thanks again great vid.

  5. WOW, I din't know that somebody still love Jaablo 2 even tho it's old, I guess I'm not alone, HAHAHA. You have a magnificent accent by the way, I hope that your channel will grow fast.

  6. For some reason the Video Test can´t open on my pc. I run Windows 10 btw. Do you know why? It would be really helpfull man.

  7. i have a question, this worked perfectly on a my computer since its windows 10, but can this also work on a mac?

  8. right after I tried to enter my character to the game a message popups that says "unhandled exception: access violation". please help.

  9. do happen to know like how am i gonna get better items? I'm already on nightmare mode but my equipment sucks! did mephisto runs but wont drop any good items.

  10. Sir I have a question, when i open the D2Vidtst., nothing's happening. I cant proceed to the next step. Can you help me with this?

  11. Hi Von! can you please post an instruction how to install a later pacth with ur mutilres? when i tried installing patch 1.14 nagerror na ung multires. Thanks!

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