Gravity Well V5.2 (2002) PC Gameplay

I have uploaded a FULL LICENSED version of the same game on HD:


Gravity Well is a very old PC game dealing with interestellar wars. You control one of four races to gain control of a sector by flying through space and claiming planets as yours. You build bases and colonies in such planets, and produce materials to create ships called freighters that delivers materials to other planets and thus your civilization is expanded. Gotta be careful, for you are not alone, and others will try to achieve the same goal!

The drawback used to be the necessity of buying a license. Without it, you were limited to destroy beat and destroy only ONE of your three enemies in the sector. The license, if I remember well, used to cost around $30 dollars, and payment was made in the old fashion way of sending a postal letters with the money inside (we are talking about the 90s!).

This might bring memories to some of you, and realized that never found a video of this on youtube. So here it goes….. enjoy! 🙂



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23 thoughts on “Gravity Well V5.2 (2002) PC Gameplay

  1. running on windows 10 here:

    have to set windows 95 compatible options on .exe file

  2. Hello everybody, I have uploaded a Full Licensed version of this same game here:

    Plus, it's on HD! 🙂

    Thank you all!

  3. LOOK!

    Gravity well 6, after shutting down the too ambitious of a project "shores of hazeron" Haxus, the developer has decided to work again on gravity well and get it finnished and concise for release. 

  4. does anyone have extra licences for this game except the one included in the abandonware? need more than one licence to play multiplayer. been searching for ages. cant buy the game anymore so thats not an option.

  5. , the creator of this game has moved on to a bigger, more ambitious project, Shores of Hazeron.  Unfortunately, he no longer offers Gravity Well licenses.

  6. Didn't this game originally have vector graphics? Or am I remembering another game with a similar name that also had gravity/orbit simulation?

  7. i remember playing it when i was a childe lol i played it on demo and hae allot of fun and the best is V4 was the best but it works on 16 bit systm or windows xp

  8. Hi, you can try contacting Software Engineering Inc. via email or phone and ask if they still sell this. Other than that, I am not sure where you can find the full version, sorry! Thanks for watching! =)

  9. Hello, well you can try contacting Software Engineering Inc. and ask if they still sell the full version of the game… I'm pretty sure they still have the same webpage, but I think they are working in some other game at the moment… thank you for watching! 😀

  10. Wow, I remember playing a seriously old version of this where it was just 2d looking and really basic wireframe, way back in 98. I never knew the game got this far! .. where can I buy it?!

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