Gravity Well V3.2 (1995) PC Gameplay

Gravity Well is a very old PC game dealing with interestellar wars. You control one of four races to gain control of a sector by flying through space and claiming planets as yours. You build bases and colonies in such planets, and produce materials to create ships called freighters that delivers materials to other planets and thus your civilization is expanded. Gotta be careful, for you are not alone, and others will try to achieve the same goal!

The drawback used to be the necessity of buying a license. Without it, you were limited to destroy beat and destroy only ONE of your three enemies in the sector. The license, if I remember well, used to cost around $30 dollars, and payment was made in the old fashion way of sending a postal letters with the money inside (we are talking about the 90s!).

There is, however, a trick to be able to kick everyone’s asses in space and gain control of all planets… before any one of these enemies actually (and *officially*) gets destroyed!

I show this on the video as part of the gameplay. Straight to the point: just destroy their colonies and labs, and leave ONLY one of their freighters untouched (be sure the freighter does not carry material). If you do this, their civilizations have no colonies to produce materials and expand in the sector, nor any labs to create fighters (which can annoy you sometimes if you wish you try this). As long as one of their freighters is still wandering around, the game does not stop you from playing and asking you to buy a license.

This might bring memories to some of you, and realized that never found a video of this on youtube. So here it goes….. enjoy! 🙂

This version’s sound effects do not work properly on the newest windows’ operating systems.. you might notice this during the video.



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28 thoughts on “Gravity Well V3.2 (1995) PC Gameplay

  1. There. I've finally beaten it.
    How the heck did I find interest in this game as a kid, it's so flat.
    And I don't mean graphically.
    You have no control over upgrades or where freighters are sent, so you're largely just doing suicide runs on the enemy planets. Or wiping them out if you have missiles or rapid fire.
    I think I captured an enemy freighter, but I'm not certain, nor was I sure how to do it again.

    Overall it gets a "holy crap they actually charged money to unlock being able to kill the other two were they mad?" out of five.
    95? But Descent came out in 95. And if it's a 2D astroids style game of the time you want to compare it with Astro Rock came in 96.
    Still a memory.

  2. If only the original developer would have released this on Steam, people would actually buy the game instead of looking for licenses. Even a remake would be great.

  3. I discovered this great little game when it came with a demo disc for PC Powerplay, I think, issue 15 in like, 1997.

  4. I remember playing this game back on my Windows 95 computer. It was on a dist of 2000 shareware games.

    Ahhh takes me back.

    Did anyone know that the guy who made this is still making games? 😀

  5. In my childhood, I bought a CD with all sharewares, with this game, and the Death Rally, Soldat and Gunner 😀

  6. I called the company and they they said they didn't make licenses for it anymore. However, They pointed me in the right direction in order to find one. Long story short. Here's a license for the fill game!
    License: GW00000
    Password: irwhcl
    Download it here:

  7. I cant even find a place to download the older versions, or if I could can they run on Windows 10?If anyone has a full version for the older versions like the one on this video can they send them to me? This game was awesome.

  8. this game is older then my car, why can't I download this. I loved this game when I was a kid… I'd love to play v3.2 again (i didn't like the later versions as much)

    if someone can post there old copy and send us a link it would be greatly appreciated among all of us.

  9. I played the hell out of this game. Once you get good with the controls, it's extremely addictive and surprisingly deep.

  10. Want to authorize this game in which I cannot contact the company at all?

    Here is what you wish for:
    License Number: GW12345
    Password: LKXWPK

  11. That version ^ 3.2. I tried the newest release and it sucks imo, it just doesn't give me a nostalgic feeling. @The Retro Gamers I tried looking for the download for a while, its no where to be found on the internet :[ I'm thinking about coding my own version of it for lulz

  12. hello i have

    Gravity_Well_v3.5 its full with crack and it worked on windows 8 XD

    with crack but i dont know if it works or not cuse it did not work on win7 & 8

    with no crack

  13. Hi, I have the demo version and i want to buy the license, since I can't find the company whom made the game. do you know a serial number for the game? or do you know how to ckrack it? thx

  14. I do not really know where to download this.. sorry! Try searching for Gravity Well v3.2 download demo.

    Thanks for watching! 🙂

  15. Do you know where I can download the demo? I played this game all the time as a kid and I really want to play it again

  16. Hi, maybe you can try contacting Software Engineering Inc. and see if they still sell the full version… they might sell it for a very low price now that this is an old game… other than that, I really don't know where to get it for free, sorry! Thank you for watching! =)

  17. I've looked for a video on gravity well on and off for a couple years now. Thank you for posting this! Do you have any idea where I can find a full version of this?

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