GOOD ENDING!!! Five Nights at Candy's 3 Night 6 || FNaC 3 The END

❤ The good ending from Five Nights at Candy’s 3! ➥
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Five Nights at Candy’s 3 is the final game in the FNAC series.
There won’t be prequels, spinoffs, remakes, or anything like that.

“I’ve always liked it when it rains…
the rain makes the silence go away,
it feels comfy and relaxing.
I don’t like the silence
the silence means they’re hiding
if they’re hiding, they’re coming closer
and if they come closer
they’ll hurt me, for what I did- didn’t do…
for what I couldn’t do”

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28 thoughts on “GOOD ENDING!!! Five Nights at Candy's 3 Night 6 || FNaC 3 The END

  1. Can you all tell that you playing the same character (which is Mary)? I think the order goes to this:
    First: FNAC 3
    Next: FNAC 2
    Last: FNAC

  2. my theory after mary got out of the restaurant Mary tells everyone what happened and the guy who plays vinniy gets arrested and becomes the purple guy of the series

  3. I think this ending comes after the ending where the therapist has someone get in contact with the police cause mary is a witness. Mary spills the beans and the guy dressed as Vinnie ends up getting arrested for the murders of his co-workers. Maybe Mary has to face the guy in court and after this is her mind coming to terms with what happened and finally getting through it to live her life again. She finally finds true inner peace.

  4. Mary- so you try to make me not sleep again?!
    Monster- YES
    Mary- "Takes strong sleeping pills in front of monster"
    Monster- I want to strangle her. Naw. Maybe get some coffee at a donut place.

  5. So i had a tought watching this.What if mary died here i know the nights were a dream but what would happen if she wouldve died and this wasnt a dream?comment me your toughts.

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