God of War – The Story of the World Serpent // All Jormungandr Scenes

The last giant in Midgard….so it would seem.

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God of War – The Story of the World Serpent // All Jormungandr Scenes

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27 thoughts on “God of War – The Story of the World Serpent // All Jormungandr Scenes

  1. Remember first time sitting down to play GoW, and the moment where Jormungandr first woke, I remember sitting and staring at my TV with such wide eyes and thinking "Fuck I'm hooked"

  2. when you first enter the lake, out can see where Jormungandr enters the lake by traveling around the lake.

  3. Jormundangr's secret talent, he'd be excellent at darts. Managed to nail the boat by just tossing the axe with his tongue.

  4. The serpent is Atreus’s, Loki’s, son. The serpent is from the future as he awaits ragnarok. I think that’s why he speaks kindly and recognizes Atreus. All makes sense

  5. Why is this on my recommendations, when litereally it doesnt prove anything, in norse mythology is practically mortals with the world serpent aka serpent does not, like the way the sons of odin treat the world serpent, yet Odin controls the world serpent, and basically the thing is the world serpent has no interest in Baldur or Odin or magni or modi,because they havent got issues with the world serpent of course, fun fact why the world serpent speaks dead tongue well there is only two reasons for it, because it has giants dead togune for speaking dead tounge and the other reason, is practically he couldnt speak in normal because he had no sense into his brain, dont get me wrong the guy has no INTEREST in litereally nobody in gow, but his only issue is thor, thank me later.

  6. With the topic of time travel on the table what if we time travel to past GOW games?

    I haven’t played them so it’d be cool for me

  7. i find this big snake comforting in a way :,) he deserves a cup of tea, tho i doubt i'd be able to provide enough for him 💀

  8. Well I have a theory kratos had thrown his axe into water then serpent gave him back from his mouth so I think that venomous poison that may kill thor is also in leviathan axe since it went into serpents mouth

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