Game Grumps Animated – 23 by Shoocharu

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Music Used:
From their ‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’ playthrough:

I do not own or claim these music as mine. All credit for the music goes to the composers.

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23 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – 23 by Shoocharu

  1. Hey everybody! Thank you all for watching! I am working hard on videos for other people at the moment, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter where I post art and Game Grumps stuff all the time!

  2. i bet if that anime voice test thing was a singing voice test thing and Dan sang into it, he'd probably break it because his voice is too beautiful for this world

  3. 0:36
    And here we have a portrayal of Danny's nice normal face that is beautifully drawn and animated…and then literally two seconds later he turns into a horrifying nightmare creature.
    God I live for these animations.

  4. two years later and dan’s FIVE!!!! and arin’s LICKIN PEENIS!! are still the two funniest things on earth

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