Electro Shock Challenge w/ EGORAPTOR

There’s ELECTRICITY in the air with another heart-stopping challenge with Egoratpro!
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50 thoughts on “Electro Shock Challenge w/ EGORAPTOR

  1. It’s too bad he couldn’t find the 3 shock button. I have this game. That’s epic—only the first person after the music stops doesn’t get shocked.

  2. When you watch this in 2020 and get all sad and emotional because you remember the situation with Mark, these guys and….Daniel 😭😭😭💙❤💙❤💙❤

  3. Matt: Im the only one who hasnt been shocked '0' :))

    Mark: Yeah, well we'll fix that >:)

    5seconds later

    Mark: Gets shocked THIS IS BULL!!

  4. Coments:
    10% The description typo
    40% Markiplier Getting shocked
    50% Matt's Scream like it's going to explode

  5. Finally some royalty free music in a video that hasent been ruined by a certain fat fuck called KidBehindACamera…. WINK WINK

  6. Mark you should do this where if you get shocked and you take your hand off the buzzer you would be out but if you didnt take it of and you do get shocked you stay in the game

  7. Mark you need to round up the boys again. It's electro shock reunion time. (technically Dec 25th is when it was posted, but we all know they filmed this at least weeks in advance. They weren't sitting there on Christmas being shocked. Don't think so anyway.. lol) ANY WHO. It's 3 year reunion time. Gather up Arin, Matt & Ryan. Let's throw in Dan too for good measure (If he would actually do it lol) I've gotten the "green light" from the higher ups, so you must start now. You don't know these higher ups, only I do. They are the higher ups, of the higher ups, of the higher ups. No need to check into that or ask any questions. It's totally legit.

  8. Mr moustache is here aka donut operators cousin

    Why am I commenting on this few year old video about egoraptor

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