DON'T YOU DARE BLINK! Statues – Weeping Angels the Game!

As a Doctor Who fan, this game really ticked a lot of spooky Weeping Angels boxes. I’m actually really shocked at the level of quality this game has for being a game that isn’t even in Steam Greenlight!

If you want to play this game you can play it here:

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26 thoughts on “DON'T YOU DARE BLINK! Statues – Weeping Angels the Game!

  1. Me before watching this: what a nice sound of footsteps, meaning everyone is alive and happy.

    Me after watching this: Holy smokes, so many footsteps I’m going to die ;-;.

  2. You sound like a clown.
    Anyway, I think this game would've been way better if it was a little more mysterious and suspenseful. Instead of a cut scene showing you that the statue is moving. Have the statue appear in random places. Like under the stairs. Unless you look there again, you don't notice it and maybe when you're back in the church hall, only the observant notice that statue missing.
    If you truly want to scare people with your game/movie whatever. Don't make a big deal about it and don't make it obvious and for the love of god, don't do jumpscares! By now it is pretty much expected that there is a jumpscare somewhere in a game or movie or tv show. Whatever the media, it's expected now. Not just that, but jumpscares are scary once if done right. Maybe twice, but that is stretching it. After that it isn't scary or fun anymore.

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