Dina and Ellie's Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Romance Scenes

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Dina and Ellie’s Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Scenes

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23 thoughts on “Dina and Ellie's Love Story | The Last of Us Part 2 // All Romance Scenes

  1. Disgusting relationship. Dina cheat on Ellie and pregnant by a man. Ellie is no problem with this. Very horrible writing.

  2. i gotta admit, i love literally love the gameplay, but the story ruined me…it felt hollow, unsatisfying damn, they could've done better…

  3. i still wish we could have found out if ellie went off to find dina and jj after she came back. hell, i would have liked it even more if dina had waited for ellie…

  4. The only thing that I really liked about this game (other than the Joel flashbacks) and it still had a crappy ending.

  5. Ok, the story is… what it is, but can we talk a bit about the insane amount of work the devs must have put into this? You can see Ellie's breath when she talks to Joel on the porch and you can even see it's not regular, but timed to her speech and sighs. They actually animated Ashley's breathing in that scene, damn.

  6. It's not a love story when one side leaves the other just to prove a point. If Dina really loved Ellie she would have waited, that's what lovers do, even when It's detrimental to yourself.

  7. What a letdown, Not from the "they done a tragic story, and they got me with this Story", more "What a disappointement, this feels empty, unsatisifyed, and wasted".

  8. Didn't felt a thing for this relationship the entire game. When Dina said she will leave Ellie for still seeking revenge I couldn't care less. I was disappointed for letting Abby live tho. Fuck this game.

  9. There really is people out there discounting all of the valid criticism of this game by pointing to the 2 people who didn't like these scenes.

  10. Sadly this game is so bad beacuse joel dies from some kind of assholes he doesnt even know bruh
    Edit: Looking at those replies i have no choice but to explain my comment. i get it, main character death is natural but REMEMBER, This was in the beggining AND he also died from people that just randomly hated joel and he had no freakin' idea that WLF group had a grudge against Miller brothers.

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