Diablo 2 Free Download (PC) + Lord of Destruction Expansion

This video shows you how to download and install Diablo 2 (2000 game) for free on PC. This download also includes the Lord of Destruction expansion pack.


Diablo 2 (PC)

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.
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21 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Free Download (PC) + Lord of Destruction Expansion

  1. Hi everyone, so because it's very difficult to respond to comments on YouTube (most of the times I don't even receive a notification), I've have added a comment section to the website. I'd ask that for any problems downloading or running the game, please leave a comment on the website so that you can get better help

  2. I found full version of Diablo 2 download here https://pobierajgry.pl/gry/diablo-2-download/ I've tested it and it's working perfectly

  3. I download from here and work fine with a compatibility Win Xp SP 3, But.. why mercenary can't be equipped.. my version 1.14d

  4. Every time I load the game, it'll play a few seconds of audio from the cinematic and then switch to a different app. How do I fix this?

  5. The game works fine in single player, but I cannot join battle.net. Not sure if it's my laptop or the servers are catching something with the free version.

  6. downloaded this and now my laptop doesn't play any sound, even when I get out of the game and go to Youtube. instantly deleted it and my laptop still doesn't work how it used to before i downloaded it

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