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Fun times today at Dave & Buster’s while playing the Dark Escape 4D Body-Shocking 3D Horror Shooting Arcade Game. All 4 kids had a blast as this was all of our first time playing this newer Namco Horror Arcade Game. Dave & Buster’s was real light in traffic today making grabbing a seat in this booth style cabinet game easy pikcens! It’s called “4D” because it delivers quite a bit of sensory stimulation in addition to being viewable/playable in 3D. At the onset of the game you can opt for either 2D or 3D gameplay action. With the 3D selection, you would use the included viewing glasses that are placed inside this cabinet type first person shooter game. The seat vibrates, there is air that blows and the gun handles will give a readout of your heartrate. Real cool, giving more of a real, live action real to life fight while sitting in this large booth with 2 people killing all manner of zombies. We would not recommend this game for very young kids as the surround sound system is very powerful for their ears. As far as the “horror” aspect of the game, just use common sense as a parent for age grading towards your own children.

Dark Escape 4D Body-Shocking 3D Horror – “Recommended Game” By Doc, E.L. & Piper, Rocky and The Maestro.
Dave & Buster’s Ticket Arcade – Recommended Arcade By ALL Of Us

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