Breach – Worldshaper Veil Demon Class Trailer

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The Worlshaper conjures powers and terrain from behind the Veil to spread pandemonium on the field of battle, shaping the very ground beneath enemies’ feet.

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8 thoughts on “Breach – Worldshaper Veil Demon Class Trailer

  1. I love the uniqueness of the system of PVP. For the longest time I for some reason thought it was 3v4 with 2 players controlling the elite creatures, but after finding out it was solely one player, they had their own skill system, and could control the monsters they summon, I fell in love. Artificer is amazing.

  2. Don't underestimate the PVP aspect of the Veil Demons. You may think you want Hero vs Hero, but dismantling a team with the VD is quite satisfying. You get an army of enemies that you can buff, set up traps, and pick the perfect time to ruin them with Elite mini-bosses. Truly a unique experience!

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