Betrayal at House on the Hill – PART 1 – With MARKIPLIER! – Table Flip

Four enter a mysterious haunted house – and one will betray them! Who will it be?? WITH SPECIAL GUEST MARKIPLIER!
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33 thoughts on “Betrayal at House on the Hill – PART 1 – With MARKIPLIER! – Table Flip

  1. played this at college and 1 game was a stalemate, the person who became the villain had to roll a six when the other person rolled ANYTHING THAT WASN'T A 2,3,4,5,6

  2. Mark thinks six speed will save him until the dark fiddler takes control of Flash Darwin and kills Mark using Flash's speed of eight.

  3. (Susie Explains Her Character)

    Susie: And my Birthday is April 29th

    Me: That’s….My Birthday :O


  4. I love board games but my friends have trouble getting into them. This is why I miss this series so much.

  5. Youtube Algorithm: "Ah yes, the year is 2020, just two months shy of the six year anniversary of this video's release. You know what'd be great to recommend?"

  6. Weird how forever ago this feels now. Mark seems so young! Thanks for recommending this to me Youtube, it has been a while.

  7. I paused this at the very beginning in the middle of "And the impeccable Barry" so when I unpaused it, it sounded like "hecc-able Barry" and I was like Oh???

  8. What I wouldn't give to play this game with some irl friends. That requires having irl friends tho so feelsbad.

  9. Wasn’t a fan of this how to. The camera spends 90% of the time showing the people instead of the actual game they’re playing so you can’t see most of what their doing. And so much time is spent chitchatting and being goofy that you can’t tell what they’re doing solely based on what they’re saying.

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