Balloon Roulette Challenge w/ EGORAPTOR

Arin joins us for a HEART-STOPPING game of balloon roulette! It goes without saying to NEVER play with real guns and that this is a TOY! Stay safe and have fun!
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50 thoughts on “Balloon Roulette Challenge w/ EGORAPTOR

  1. I’ve never seen someone so calm. It’s like Arron has played the game before. Like he wants to play. Help pls

  2. I wonder if it would have spun better if the hammer was pulled back halfway like a couple of older single action revolvers

  3. "you're like the John Lennon guy" that was such a good joke I'm glad I rewatched this video so I could get that

  4. just randomly got recommended this video after 5yrs, i miss the other 2 guys im surprised they havent done a video with Mark since they split up 🙁

  5. Its funny how Arin was really chill about it the whole time but always flinched when he pulled the trigger, like hes accepted death but still fears god

  6. As someone with a fear of balloons, this video gives me so much anxiety… and yet, I’m still watching…

  7. i wish i watched this as a kid so i could know that someone else was scared of sharks in the deep end 😀

  8. I remember watching this when I was little and only know who mark was but now I am older I know all these people. It's so crazy seeing them together because now I know their history.

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