Another RWBY Game Failure – RWBY: Deckbuilding Game Shutting Down

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33 thoughts on “Another RWBY Game Failure – RWBY: Deckbuilding Game Shutting Down

  1. Here's the link to the announcement post:

  2. Imagine a Rwby open world game where you can use different weapons and stuff and upgrade and play the story and fight Grimm and do missions

  3. What about the official Rwby Chinese game? Granted it did shutdown last year because it can't compete the Chinese mobile game market and it only available in china.

  4. I legit didn't even know it was live at all… i mean i follow RWBYtubers and i somehow missed its existence. Also i love card/deck games…

    This is so strange…

  5. I’ve tried them all as well. Crystal Match posted an update in November of last year which made it so no one was able to actually load the game. It took them 2 weeks to patch. 2 weeks! So I walked away.

    Deckbuilding was trash. I, like you, thought I was doing something wrong and gave up. Then saw a random post about it on the RWBY subreddit which explained how the core mechanics actually worked. I redownloaded and tried again and instantly gave up. Theory made no sense. Game is just trash.

    Amity Arena was really great and the developers are fantastically dedicated to keeping the game fresh. Unfortunately, that was actually what made we leave it. The developers are consistently nerfing and rebalancing characters. Character which I spent a lot of time upgrading just to log in and see my team is now complete trash. It was very frustrating and I eventually gave up on it. To be clear I don’t have an issue with this game update mechanic, it just got to me after months of effort to make any headway on the leaderboards.

    When it comes to Gacha games with RWBY I actually loved the Knights Chronicle IP partnership RT did during summer last year, just after RTX. It was a limited collab so now I have my fully upgraded girls in my hand but you can no longer pull them. That said, I haven’t missed a day it Knights Chronicle. A game that I didn’t even know about prior to the collab has kept my attention, daily, for 9 months. I would love to see another collab drop this year bringing in team JNPR.

    The point is that KC, like your point on BlazBlu was a successful collab NOT a successful RWBY game. Aside from Amity, that hasn’t happened yet. And even then, Amity takes a very specific player type to appreciate that game.

    Anyway, that was my rant. You set me off damn it! Lol. Great vid, as always!

  6. Your title is a yikes. I would've changed that shit. Games shut down all the time. Shutting down servers are based on cost benefit analysis. I understand you not wanting lack luster games, but they would need a dedicated team to have a fleshed either RPG, fighting, MMO etc. If they do that then it'll be great, but until they spend the money and resources to work with a double A and triple A developer. Roosterteeth is new to this, they don't know how to make games that support this worldwide community.

  7. My problem with the RWBY games is that the marketing for them is terrible and lot of the times most people don't even know these games exist… I'm a Czech-American living in eastern europe and a majority of these games aren't even available here which really fucking sucks and this isn't an issue with any other games here, we get all the games everybody else does just not the RWBY games and this lack of care for non-us RWBY fans even though it's understandable still hurts quite a bit

  8. RT should leave developing games to other companies cause they've never done a good job with it. Don't know about the boardgame though.

  9. Dead on arrival is right. (I had no idea the gameplay sucked)
    From what I hear, this game's marketing strategy was relying on word of mouth and fans spreading it around after one single ad was tweeted, a tweet that apperantly got overshadowed by a Bumblebee. Valentine's card.

  10. Cal, I'm worried that this might become a habit of yours. It's okay if you're criticizing but it always start that way. I learned it's way more addictive to bash. I just didn't want you to end up like Adle aka.

  11. The kicker being is that all the times you mention Amity being the only RWBY game to keep itself alive with updates and social media presense, and that's because it's not made by RT. It's handled by NHN and RT just clear the designs and bios.

    That's why it actually does well, because RT can't ruin it.

  12. I used to like the RWBY Deckbuilding Game, but then a few months ago they seemed to stop supporting the game, so it got stale and I stopped playing.

  13. Day five-hundred-and-fifty-two of wondering why Cal isn't working for RT in some form because she knows shit. She knows.

  14. I think the reason they are doing it is because all the games except AA have flopped. GE was underwhelming, Deckbuild was hard to learn, and they tried CQ to try to appeal to a larger market, but no one cared enough about that. They're just trying to find something that works.

  15. Hope they don’t get rid of amity arena 🤔 I’ve kinda gotten addicted to that game. Maybe they should try giving RWBY to Lego 😏

  16. They really need to work with someone like Arc System Work! For a Fighting game!…Or a RPG. I hope the new announcement is worth it. I live for a Savage Cal❤

  17. Here RT let me help you!
    Open World Game, World of Remnant
    Full of Grimms, get all 4 relics
    It's not that hard to do a good game of RWBY!
    Think zelda breath of the wild, but with grimms
    and relics and semblance and Academys!
    Now go do it RT!!!

  18. Not surprised at this seeing as they gave up on Grimm Eclipse which had a LOT of potential.

    I really liked Grimm Eclipse and they just gave up on it. RT is going under. Like they raised the prices of RT First and it seems like they just gave up on their fans by shutting down and abandoning these games.

  19. The problem with amity Arena for me was that I already played clash royale and the polish and gameplay in that game is just superior and cards rarely act "unpredictably" so u always feel like it was fair. Idk if it's changed but the game was always quite laggy when I played.

  20. I played the deckbuilder game when it came out and noped out as soon as i saw they had a content farm situation where every week you would get a ridiculously OP card for winning a certain number of games, then the card would be made unobtainable forever. To make matters worse, there were many games where you auto-lost based on someone luckily picking a counter and then you had to endure a slow, guaranteed loss over the next hour.

  21. This sucks cause Rwby is a series that seems like it could have a great game based on it with it's world and promise but RT keeps dropping the ball like Grimm eclipse should have been a break out hit for them also cal not to mention RT partnered with Arksystem works for RWBY to be in BlazBlue:Crosstag Battle and there hasn't been updates to the RWBY side of that at all the only new thing to come out of that was Neo and that's it plus it's not like RT can make a RvB game which is their most popular animated series after RWBY cause all the character assets come from Halo so RT needs to get their shit together on the gaming side of things cause these mobile games aren't going last forever

  22. I'm just sick of the garbage mobile games. I want an actual RWBY game with any sort of care and passion involved. Stuff like card games and candy crush ripoffs take so little effort it's just lame

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