ABSOLUTE CHAOS!! | Duck Game w/ Friends #1

Duck Game with Bob, Wade, and Jack! I am Lock Duck, Bob is Car Duck, Jack is Burger Duck, and Wade is Hat Duck! HAVE FUN!!
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Nguồn: https://100kuskov.com/

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45 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE CHAOS!! | Duck Game w/ Friends #1

  1. 3:32 When your grandma got you a ugly sweater for Christmas and she asks if you like it but you don't say anything so she doesn't go full monster mode on you.

  2. If you put the playback speed to x25 you all sound like drunk people with unusually long laughs vary unsettling.

  3. Everyone: {mentions fire}
    Me: EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 {flashback to childhood watching a Godzilla movie and saying that} OOF.
    Funny video, BTW.

  4. Mark we should play tower fall


    Mark you guys play tower fall?

    Others ……



    . other's laughs

  5. Watching a bunch of these old collabs, I'm starting to think Mark manages to get set on fire in every game he plays 😂

  6. Bit head thingy: bob
    Hamburger head: jack
    Lock head: Mark
    Brown hat: wade

    Idk if this is useful but here it is

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